Transcript of A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains journal entry

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  • I have spoken to the gardeners who are members of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. They sent me to Zanaris to talk to the Fairy Oueen.
  • I discovered that the Fairy Oueen was missing. The Fairy Godfather told me that she was extremely sick.
  • I spoke to Fairy Nuff who sent me, with a list of the Fairy Queen's symptoms, to find a mage called Zandar Horfyre.
  • He told me that the Fairy Queen had lost her magical essence and that I would have to kill the Tanglefoot to get it back.
  • The Nature Spirit enchanted a pair of secateurs for me, which I used to kill the Tanglefoot.
  • I got back the Fairy Oueen's Enchanted Secateurs and returned them to the Fairy Godfather.