Transcript of A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen journal entry

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  • I have spoken to Martin. He told me that his crops are still not growing.
  • I returned to Zanaris and found Fairy Nuff's grotto ransacked and Fairy Nuff and the Fairy Queen missing!
  • I spoke to the Fairy Godfather, he has told me I can use the fairy rings to look for the Fairy Queen.
  • I found a secret message on the back of Fairy Nuff's certificate and used it to get to the fairies' hideout, where I found Fairy Nuff and the Fairy Queen.
  • Fairy Nuff sent me back to Zanaris where I stole the Fairy Oueen's enchanted secateurs back from the Godfather.
  • I took the enchanted secateurs back to Fairy Nuff and she cast a spell of awakening on the Fairy Oueen, however too much time had lapsed and so it didn't work.
  • After that Fairy Nuff asked me to mix up a potion of Magic Essence, which I gave to the Fairy Queen.
  • The Fairy Oueen has been awakened.