Transcript of A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen

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Ungrateful[edit | edit source]

  • Skillcape of Farming.
    • Irrelevant to the quest.
  • Talk about farming problems and fairies.
    • Player: I've solved your problems! I've returned the Fairy Queen's magical essence.
    • Martin the Master Gardener: What are you talking about?
    • Player: The Fairy Queen was in an enchanted sleep, because the Tanglefoot had taken the secateurs that contained her magic. I fought and killed the Tanglefoot and have given the Godfather the Fairy Queen's secateurs. She'll wake up now and everything will get back to normal.
    • Martin the Master Gardener: I'm glad to hear it, but if you don't mind, I'll go and plant some seeds now and wait until they grow before I give you the reward that I promised.
      • Not Right Now
        • Player: I've done enough for you. Sort it out yourself!
      • Accept Quest
        • Player: I guess it does sound rather far-fetched. Okay, I'll come back and see you after your crops have had a chance to grow.
        • Martin the Master Gardener: Great! I'll see you soon then.
        • The quest start of 'A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen' has been marked on your map.
  • Vampyre Slayer
    • Irrelevant to the quest.
  • The behemoth pig
    • Irrelevant to the quest.

If only a short time has elapsed

  • Talk about farming problems and fairies.
    • Player: So have your vegetables grown yet?
    • Martin the Master Gardener: Stop being so impatient, Player. They'll grow in their own good time - come back later.

If more than five minutes have passed

  • Talk about farming problems and fairies.
    • Player: Hello, Martin. You must be the slowest gardener in the world! I don't suppose those crops have grown yet?
    • Martin the Master Gardener: Well, you've got a nerve showing up around here again!
    • Player: What? What are you talking about?
    • Martin the Master Gardener: You told me that you'd solved the problems of the Gardening Group's members. Well, I've planted loads of seeds since then and there's no doubt that even more plants are dying!
    • Player: But I gave the Fairy Queen's secateurs back to the Godfather; things should be growing again.
    • Martin the Master Gardener: Yah, sure, whatever. You know, I didn't believe you when you told me that story about 'the fairies' in the first place. You'd just better solve this problem; when people get hungry, they get angry. You're the person who said that everything would be alright, so you're the person who they'll get angry with!
    • Player: I suppose I'd better go and see what the problem is, then.
Talking to Martin again
  • Martin the Master Gardener: Hello again, Player. Our crops are still failing. Please do something fast; the food reserves are starting to fail. People will realise that there is an imminent food crisis!
    • Player: Don't worry, I'm working on it.
    • Martin the Master Gardener: Please hurry. Things are getting dire!

Surprise[edit | edit source]

Fairy Nuff's house[edit | edit source]

Attempting to open the door

  • Player: Wow! Somebody has trashed this house! And what's happened to Fairy Nuff and the Fairy Queen?
You pick up Fairy Nuff's certificate, being careful not to cut yourself on its broken frame.

Attempting to search the shelves before grabbing the certificate

You don't find anything useful, just some glass from a broken vial.

Attempting to search the shelves after destroying the certificate

You find a copy of Fairy Nuff's certificate.

Sheep[edit | edit source]

  • You show the certificate to the sheep.
  • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
  • Sheep: The humans found some symbols
    And doesn't know what they mean
    So now it's cross-examining me
    And spoiling my routine!

Cow[edit | edit source]

  • You show the certificate to the cow.
  • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
  • Cow: Can't the human take a hint? I've been ignoring you! Do you think I would ignore you if I wanted to discuss your Rorschach ink-blots?
  • Once again, the cow is ignoring you.

Diary cow[edit | edit source]

  • The cow doesn't want that.

Co-ordinator[edit | edit source]

  • Fairy Nuff's certificate.
    • You show the certificate to the coordinator.
    • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
    • Co-ordinator: They look familiar, but I can't think where I've seen marks like that. Try asking around, maybe somebody else will recognise them.
  • The fairy rings.
    • Player: Hi, can you tell me anything about the fairy rings?
    • Co-ordinator: Goodness! I'm already rushed off my wings, and the Godfather hasn't given you permission to use the rings, so why in the world would you need me to explain the rings to you now?
    • Player: Okay, sorry.

Gatekeeper[edit | edit source]

  • You show the certificate to the doorkeeper.
  • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
  • Doorkeeper: That you've been doodling? If you don't mind, I have a job to do. Please stop distracting me.

Fairy Chef[edit | edit source]

  • You show the certificate to the fairy chef.
  • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
  • Fairy chef: Sorry dearie, no, but I have seen a sign with similar marks near the mysterious ruins. You know, the ones that lead you to the Cosmic Rune Altar.

Chaeldar[edit | edit source]

  • Chaeldar: I've got no interest in that, sorry.

Slim Louie[edit | edit source]

  • Slim Louie: Get dat fing away from me!

Fairy Godfather[edit | edit source]

  • You show the certificate to the fairy chef.
  • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
  • Fairy Godfather: For why you show-a-me dat? Eez very nice to see yous learning to draw! Bravo!

Fairy Transport[edit | edit source]

Fairy Godfather[edit | edit source]

  • Where is the Fairy Queen?
    • Player: Godfather! Where is the Fairy Queen?
    • Fairy Godfather: Whata are you-a talking about?
    • Player: I've just been to Fairy Nuff's house and when I got there I found it ransacked! Everything has been broken and the Fairy Queen and Fairy Nuff are missing!
    • Fairy Godfather: Essere nel panico! You-a say datta da Queen Bee, she izza meesing? Theez izza terreeble! Who could-a have done such a theeng? We musta find her! I weel organise a search-a party right-a-way!
    • Player: Calm down! Let's think this through carefully.
      • Player: Do you have any idea who could have done this?
        • Fairy Godfather:! None atta all! Da Queen Bee, she izza well liked by-a everyone.
        • Player: That's not very helpful.
      • Player: Where could she have been taken to?
        • Fairy Godfather: Ze keednapper must-a have taken her through-a da fairyreengs. Dey weel-a be long gone by now.
    • Player: We must go after them!
    • Fairy Godfather: Yes! We must-a, but most-a of da folk are away from Zanaris atta the momento.
    • Player: Well tell me what to do and I'll go myself.
    • Fairy Godfather: Ye-es, dat izza good idea. Hokay, you may use-a da fairyreengs. Talk-a to da co-ordinator, she will-a explain-a to you how to use-a da reengs, but you must-a promees me dat you weel come-a back-a here, eef you find-a her. Whoever keednapped her must-a be very powerful. You find-a da Queen Bee and den-a yous come right back here and we will-a rescue her together. Hokay?
      • Player: Yes, okay.
        • Fairy Godfather: Good. Now-a yous talk-a to da co-ordinator. She will-a tell you how-a da fairyreengs work.
      • No, I'll rescue her myself.
        • Fairy Godfather: Oh no, dat eez no good. Yous wanna be da hero, but what-a about me? She izza my queen! No, no. You cannot-a use-a da fairyreengs.
  • Where have all the fairies gone?
    • Fairy Godfather: Da people are mostly out-a and about-a tryeeing to keep-a theengs working. Eet izza not easy weeth da Queen Bee notta here!
  • Show the Godfather the Certificate!
    • You show the certificate to the Godfather.
    • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
    • Fairy Godfather: For why you show-a me dat? Eez very nice to see yous learning to draw! Bravo!

Talking to the Fairy Godfather again if you said you would rescue the queen on your own

  • Fairy Godfather: Ah, Player, yous hassa changed your mind? Yous weel-a come and getta me before yous rescue da Queen Bee? Only den can-a I geev yous permission to use-a da reengs.
    • Player: Oh, okay then.
      • Fairy Godfather: Good, I knew-a you would change-a your mind. Now I just-a need you to sign-a dis scroll before I geev-a yous da permission to use-a da fairyreengs.
      • I (insert full name here) do hereby swear fealty and indebtedness to the Fairy Godfather until such time as he releases me from my bond. Signed (insert full name and date here)
      • Player: I'm not signing this! It says I'm indebted to you until you release me!
      • Fairy Godfather: Eet does? Oh, sorry, must-a geeven yous da wrong-a scroll. Tell-a yous what, yous hazza da honest face, so I'll trust-a yous. Go ahead, use-a da fairyreengs, but just-a make sure dat yous come-a back here, and tell-a me when-a yous finda da Queen Bee, like-a yous promised. Now go-a and talk-a to da co-ordinator. She-a weel tell-a yous how da fairyreengs work.
    • Player: No, there's no chance of that happening.
      • Fairy Godfather: Yous weel change-a your mind. Come and talk-a to me when you do.

Talking to the Fairy Godfather again if you agreed to let him help

  • Fairy Godfather: Player, you are-a back! Have-a you found da Queen Bee?
  • Player: Err, no, not yet.
  • Fairy Godfather: Den whatta are you doing-a back here? Go and-a search for her!

Co-ordinator[edit | edit source]

  • Fairy Nuff's certificate.
    • You show the certificate to the coordinator.
    • Player: Do you know what these strange marks mean?
    • Co-ordinator: They look familiar, but I can't think where I've seen marks like that. Try asking around, maybe somebody else will recognise them.
  • The fairy rings.
    • Player: Hi, the Godfather said I should ask you to explain how the fairy rings work.
    • Co-ordinator: Goodness! As if I don't have enough to do already without giving every adventurer that comes along a history lesson! Let's get this over with quickly. Zanaris is an extremely old place, it was here long before we fairyfolk came to live here. In fact it is rumoured to be the nexus of all planes. When we arrived here we found many of the magical properties of this place to be dormant. One of these was the ability to jump between planes using a powerful portal that had been sealed by centuries. The Fairy Queen harnessed that magic and created the fairy rings, these are not as powerful as the original portal would have been, but are very effective nonetheless. There are 3 fairy rings in Zanaris, the one in the market and the one near the evil chicken's shrine will only take users to one specific place. However the third fairy ring, near the fountains, is a major portal. Anybody who activates that fairy ring will find themselves able to dial in a 3 digit code. These codes will all take the user to different locations. Some of the codes no longer work and other codes go to extremely dangerous places, so be careful. Fortunately the fairy rings are imbued with a powerful protective magic and as long as you stand in the middle of them nothing will be able to attack you. Remember, because you are a human, you will need to be holding your dramen staff to activate the rings. Now I must get back to work, there is so much to do and so few fairies left to do it.

Fairy Fixit[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Why are you carrying that toolbox?
  • Fairy Fixit: It's the fizgog! It's picking up cable again!
  • Player: Uh, right. So is it safe to use the fairy rings then?
  • Fairy Fixit: Sure, as long as you have been given permission to use them. You should just be aware that using the fairy rings sometimes has strange results - the locations that you have been to may affect the locations you are trying to reach. I could fix it by replacing the fizgog and the whosprangit; I've put in a request for some new parts, but they're pretty hard to get hold of it seems.

Regrouping[edit | edit source]

Fairy resistance stronghold[edit | edit source]

Talking to Fairies in the stronghold before Nuff, one of the following is said at random

  • Fairy: The Fairy Queen is the true ruler of Zanaris, not that wicked Godfather!
  • Fairy: How could everything have gone so wrong, so quickly?
  • Fairy: The Godfather has a lot to answer for; just look at all these injured fairies!
  • Fairy: I hope that the Fairy Queen wakes up soon - I want to go back home.
  • Fairy: What is that evil fairy doing to our beautiful kingdom?
  • Fairy: The Godfather's henchmen tried to pull off my wings!

Talking to Fairy Nuff

  • Fairy Nuff: Player! You found us! I'm so glad, I was afraid you wouldn't get my message.
  • Player: Fairy Nuff, what happened?
  • Fairy Nuff: After you brought back the Queen's enchanted secateurs and gave them to the Fairy Godfather, I went to him to ask for them so that I could wake Her Majesty up, but he refused to give them to me. Then I noticed that lots of my friends were missing, when I asked him about them he said they were off working for him and then he threatened to have his bodyguards pull my wings off! I was scared for the Queen, and so I moved her here. When I returned to Zanaris I found my house ransacked! There were other fairies that had been attacked by the Godfather and so we fled the city and came here. I managed to hide a note that I hoped you would find... ... obviously you did.
  • Player: But why would the Godfather do this?
  • Fairy Nuff: Isn't it obvious? He wants to rule Zanaris instead of the Fairy Queen. The latest fairies to arrive have even reported that he has invited all sorts of monsters to the Lost City.
  • Player: So what should we do about it do you think?
  • You see a fairy approaching ...
  • Fairy Very Wise: Ive got terrible news! One of our spies has just returned from Zanaris and has reported that the Godfather has enlisted an army of orks! Apparently they are wandering freely around our homes!
  • Player: I'm sorry, but who are you?
  • Fairy Nuff: Oh, how rude of me! Player this is Fairy Very Wise, advisor to the Queen. Fairy Very Wise, this is Player.
  • Fairy Very Wise: Oh, I've heard of you. You're the young adventurer that defeated the Tanglefoot.
  • Player: Yes, that's me.
  • Fairy Very Wise: So you're also the idiot who gave that Godfather maniac the Fairy Queen's magic secateurs!
  • Player: But that was a mistake! I thought he was trying to help the Fairy Queen!
  • Fairy Very Wise: So you're not evil, you're just not too bright. Well I'm glad you found this place, although if you can find it it's obviously not much of a hiding place, now you can help fix the damage you've done!
  • Player: Alright, what do I need to do?
  • Fairy Very Wise: The first thing we have to do is wake up the Fairy Queen. You will have to go back to Zanaris and find a way to get those magical secateurs back from the Godfather!
  • Player: That's easy. I'll just pickpocket them off of him, I'm really good at that.
  • Fairy Very Wise: Ok, just be careful, his henchmen have keen eyes and will be watching out for him.

Talking to Fairy Nuff

  • Fairy Nuff: What are you doing? You need to get those secateurs back very urgently!

Talking to Fairy Very Wise

  • Fairy Very Wise: I'm so worried about the Queen. Without her the fairy people may be chased out of Zanaris completely! You must wake her, for all our sakes!

Talking to Fairies afterwards, one of the following is said at random

  • Fairy: Have you heard? The Godfather has allowed orks into Zanaris!
  • Fairy: We must find a way to fight back! To throw those villains out of our homes.
  • Fairy: Have you seen Fairy Cake? She went to talk to the Godfather and I haven't seen her since.
  • Fairy: How is the Fairy Queen? Has she woken up yet?
  • Fairy: I can't believe that there are orks in Zanaris.
  • Fairy: I don't want to go back! That ork tried to kill me!

Back in Zanaris[edit | edit source]

Pickpocketing the Fairy Godfather

You pick-pocket the Fairy Godfather and get the Queen's enchanted secateurs!

Trying to pickpocket again

  • You already have the Queen's secateurs, you don't need to risk getting caught in the Godfather's pockets again.

Talking to Orks in Zanaris

  • Player: Uh, you guys aren't fairies - what are you doing here?
  • Ork: Grunt! Smelly, stinky human! Urgh! Leave us alone before we hurt you.

If the player return to Fairy Nuff after having lost the secateurs

  • Fairy Nuff: Oh, Player, you're back! I'm so glad. Did you manage to get the secateurs?
  • Player: Yes, but I seem to have lost them somewhere.
  • Fairy Nuff: I can't believe you did that! You know how important it is that I get those secateurs as soon as possible! Please go and find them immediately!

Magic Essence[edit | edit source]

After having obtained the queen's secateurs

  • Fairy Nuff: Oh, Player, you're back! I'm so glad. Did you manage to get the secateurs?
  • Player: You should have seen me! The Godfather didn't even know I was going through his pockets! Here they are.
  • Fairy Nuff: Fantastic! Let's just hope that it's not too late ...
You hand fairy Nuff the Queen's enchanted secateurs
  • Fairy Nuff: Oh no! It didn't work! She's been asleep for too long!
  • Player: Calm down! There's got to be something that we can do. After all, we've given her back her magical essence, right?
  • Fairy Nuff: Yes, we have. There is one small chance that we might be able to wake her up still, but I'd need a potion of Magic Essence.
  • Player: Well that doesn't seem too bad, what do I need to do to make one?
  • Fairy Nuff: A potion of magic essence is made in the same way as any other potion, first you mix a vial of water with a base herb, in this case a Star Flower. Star Flowers are rich in magic essence and are excellent for curing poisons and that's what the Queen is suffering from - a poisoning of her life essence. Then we need to add the catalyst ingredient; a powdered Gorak's claw. Goraks drain the life from their prey, so by using one of their claws we are hoping to draw the Queen's life essence back.
  • If the player has not visited the planes
    • Player: Thanks for the lecture, but where do I get one of these Star Flowers and where can I find a Gorak?
    • Fairy Nuff: Star Flowers only grow on the higher planes and even there they are extremely difficult to find. You should be able to access some of the higher planes by using the fairy rings. Goraks also live on a different plane. They are vicious creatures that draw the life essence from any living thing they find. It seems that in drawing the life force from the world that they live on they have trapped themselves on a small plane, as far as I am aware, the only way onto or off of their world is through the fairy rings.
  • If the player has visited the Gorak plane, but not the starflower
    • Player: Thanks for the lecture, I've seen a Gorak, but where do I get one of these Star Flowers from?
    • Fairy Nuff: Star Flowers only grow on the higher planes and even there they are extremely difficult to find. You should be able to access some of the higher planes by using the fairy rings.
  • If the player has visited both planes
    • Player: Thanks for the lecture. Fortunately I think I know where to get all of the ingredients you need.
    • Fairy Nuff: That's great news! Well what are you waiting for? We need that potion as soon as possible!
    • Player: Yes, I'm on my way.

Cosmic plane[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Cosmic Being: Salutations traveller! It is unusual for one of the creatures called ´humans´ to visit this plane. How can I assist you?
  • Player: I'm just looking around, thanks.
    • Cosmic Being: I hope the beauty of my world brings you great joy.
    • see Cosmic Being for random phrases said
  • Player: Who are you?
    • Cosmic Being: My name, in your language, would be Bubrezankaldargarez´jk, but you can just call me Bub. This small plane is my home, here I study and ponder the mysteries of existence.
    • Player: Mysteries of existence, eh? Like what?
    • see Cosmic Being for possible phrases
  • What universal mystery are you pondering today? (Only After the first time "Who are you" has been selected)
  • Player: I'm looking for a Star Flower.
  • Cosmic Being: Then you've come to the right place. Star Flower, which is much prized for its magical properties, only grows on this plane. It has a very short life-span, plants grow, flower and die in the space of minutes! If you search around you might find some growing somewhere.

Returning to Fairy Nuff with the unfinished potion

  • layer: How's that potion of Magic Essence coming along, Player?
  • Fairy Nuff: I've half made it, I found a Starflower on this really wierd plane.
  • Player: That's nice for you, but please stop wasting time. You need to finish the potion with a Gorak's claw.

Fairy resistance hideout[edit | edit source]

After obtaining a magic essence potion

  • Player: I've got it, I've made a potion of magic essence!
  • Fairy Nuff: Oh, Player that's fantastic! Please give it to Her Majesty immediately.

After applying the magic essence potion on the Fairy Queen

  • Fairy Queen: ...Urgh! Wh... what happened? ... Why do I feel so awful?
  • Fairy Nuff: Your majesty! You're awake!
  • Fairy Queen: Wh... what happened? The last thing I remember was confronting that Tanglefoot with the aid of the Godfather.
  • Player: THE GODFATHER?
  • Fairy Queen: Yes, that's what I said... oh, hello Player. Please excuse me for not having noticed you earlier, I'm not feeling quite myself. Why did you shout about the Godfather?
  • Player: I'm not really sure how to tell you this, your majesty... It seems as though you've fallen foul of a clever scheme of the Godfather's...
  • Fairy Queen: That's absurd, why would the Godfather want to hurt me?
  • Fairy Very Wise: I'm afraid it's true your majesty. You see nobody knew that the Godfather was with you when you fought the Tanglefoot...
  • Fairy Queen: But that's the point, I didn't fight the Tanglefoot. We had only just entered its lair and sensing the danger to itself, the Tanglefood flied down a passage, then... blackness!
  • Fairy Very Wise: Then, Your Majesty, I think it may be worse than I imagined. I suspect the Fairy Godfather attacked you from behind and left you for dead. He has taken over control of Zanaris whilst you were, er...sleeping. He has enlisted the aid of orks and other assorted ruffians, if any of your subjects dared to question him they were assaulted. I very much suspect that if it wasn't for the quick thinking of Fairy Nuff here you would be dead! She fled here with you and as many of your loyal fairies as she could gather. We've been in hiding ever since, until this brave adventurer managed to awaken you.
  • Fairy Queen: I can't believe it! He shan't get away with this, how do I get back to Zanaris? The Godfather shall answer for his crimes!
  • Fairy Very Wise: No! Stop your majesty!
  • Fairy Queen: Why, old friend?
  • Fairy Very Wise: The Godfather has recruited an army of villains, whilst we just have the few fairies who escaped and although they would gladly follow you into battle, many are still wounded from their treatment at the tyrant's hands. I must counsel caution, lest this brave hero's efforts are all wasted and the godfather captures you. He won't let you survive a second time.
  • Fairy Queen: There is wisdom in what you say. I shall ponder your words before I act rashly. As for you, Player, how can I reward you? You have done the fairy people a great favour that shall not be forgotten. I'm afraid you find us in trying times, but please accept this magic lamp as a sign of our thanks.
  • The Fairy Queen gives you an XP lamp
Congratulations! Quest complete!