Transcript of A Date with Oroshu

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.


  • The Occultist: Haha, proud, stupid Oroshu!
  • Player: What has happened?
  • The Occultist: I sent Oroshu a letter, promising a wedding today, but only if he made it a big occasion. I'd expect nothing less, I said: a parade in the streets, a festival in my name. And I wanted him to invite all the Khans and seasingers.
  • Player: ALL of the seasingers?
  • The Occultist: Yes! The fool, wallowing in his hubris, has sent an invite to Quin! Even if she doesn't attend, Quin will send lackeys to collect me, and the soothsayers will no doubt send forces. It has all the ingredients of a sumptuous farce, with me as the pretty, shining cherry on top! They whip themselves into a frenzy, and you take advantage of the chaos. Delicious! Your men steal in to recover the body, brain and blood - he's planning them as wedding gifts, darling - and then you can save your damsel. I'll be sure to swoon sufficiently. Oh, it is lovely to be fought over!


  • The Occultist: What a sight! So many proud men, bickering over who has me. Now I know how the needy princesses from your fairy tales feel. Anyway, darling, I have a ritual to complete. Next time you see me, I should be eminently killable. If you're lucky, I might even decide to stay alive and hang around for a while...