Transcript of A 'Durzag & Goebbana' catalogue

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  • Acca Kanatah Ah you found it! I have been seeking this for some time, Player. Finally, I can order the newest rock covering that I have been longing for. Embroidered with the finest Mazcab silk, finished with eeligator saliva - it is truly the greatest accessory any goebie should ever need.
  • Player So... do I get anything as a reward? Will you be telling all of the goebies of my heroic deed on this day?
  • Acca Kanatah Absolutely not, human! No-one can know that an Acca wears Durzag and Goebbana, no matter how high quality and reasonably priced their fashion is. This must stay between you and me, Player[sic]
  • Player Not even a single goebie?
  • Acca Kanatah No!
  • Player Kanatah's secret, it does have a certain ring to it.