Transcript of 50 Shades of Dye

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This transcript involves dialogue with Aggie and the player.
  • Aggie: Someone bought my book! Have you checked out dye number 42? It's my favourite!
  • Player: I haven't had a chance yet, I'm sorry.
  • Aggie: That's OK, every dye I've ever made is in that book. There really is quite the mixture.
  • Player: So you can make every dye? That is fascinating.
  • Aggie: It's no trouble really. You'd be surprised at what you can whip up with a little woad leaf and some redberries. I'm fairly certain that I could make any type of dye with a blindfold on! Comes in handy when I'm chopping the onion for a dye.
  • Player: Are there any new dyes that you can make for me from your book?
  • Aggie: I'm afraid not. As part of the book contract, I wasn't allowed to make any more of the dyes from my own book. It's a shame really. I was doing a bit of redecorating and wanted to recolour my grain storage to a nice shade of red.
  • Player: So that would then be a red room of grain?
  • Aggie: Precisely.
  • Player: I'll, uh, leave you to it.