Transcript of 3 for 2 RuneScape membership - The Summer Special

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] The summer of adventure is almost here
[00:08] 3 months of blockbusting content celebrating this momentous anniversary year,
[00:13] and we have a special membership offer, just for you.
[00:16] Get three months of membership for the price of two
[00:19] and gain access to a unique XP boosting aura throughout the season!
[00:24] This summer has the perfect mix of content for all players, and what a mix it is. Lets' find out more.
[00:33] You’ve heard tales of the Eastern Lands, now it’s time to explore the first of its regions: The Arc!
[00:38] Set sail for islands filled with spirit dragons and cyclopes,
[00:41] or explore uncharted and procedurally generated isles, where you might find ridiculous riches.
[00:46] If you do, stick a flag in the island, claim it for yourself, and take ownership of it forever!
[00:53] Telos is a hulking elemental knight powered by the life-force of the world,
[00:57] and it’s a solo boss that increases in difficulty and complexity the more you’re able to defeat it.
[01:02] It can become the most challenging boss ever seen in RuneScape, if you’re mad enough.
[01:07] Tunnel deep into the core of Gielinor in a battle that takes full advantage of the NXT client
[01:11] and earn new, powerful god rewards.
[01:16] Jump from dimension to dimension as you battle hordes of monsters,
[01:19] defeat their leaders and overcome gameplay-altering mutators across a host of worlds.
[01:23] Beat your friends and climb the rankings to take your place at the top of a worldwide leaderboard.
[01:30] You’ve slayed dragons, staked vampyres and banished demons,
[01:34] but this summer asks you to avert the greatest disaster of all… a world without cabbages!
[01:40] Designed by and starring the Gower brothers,
[01:42] Gower Quest will cast you as ambassador to the world’s cabbages in our wackiest quest yet.
[01:50] The beach party’s back and this year it’s better than ever.
[01:52] Ready yourself for the return of Clawdia, new events, beach towel capes and did someone say Terrorbird Racing?
[02:00] In September, two of Runescape’s oldest skills get a fresh lick of paint.
[02:04] We’re going to bring the fun back to Mining and Smithing with new tiers of ore, weapons and armour
[02:11] alongside the ability to become a master of these skills if you’re already at 99.
[02:16] It’s time to take pride in the items you’re crafting.
[02:21] And that’s not all we’ve got. We’re also bringing you brand new Summer Hiscores.
[02:25] Activate an all-new ‘Illumination aura’ to compete with your friends and the community in XP Hiscore tables for all skills,
[02:32] gaining additional experience as you do so.
[02:34] While playing, you will also be entered in the summer sweepstake for a chance to win a trip to Jagex HQ.
[02:42] What a line-up that is!
[02:44] Signing up for this amazing summer of adventure couldn’t be easier.
[02:48] Use credit cards, PayPal, pre-paid game card or Bonds – whichever’s easiest for you.
[02:54] Just look for the Summer Special on the RuneScape front page now!