Transcript of 2018 - RuneScape's Year Ahead

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Welcome to the Year Ahead, where we proudly present our wares for 2018.
[00:06] Come in, have a browse and pick out the updates that really juice your sq'irks!
[00:23] If you like jabbing sticks into your eyes, then the first update in January is your jam.
[00:28] There's two new stalker creatures at Slayer levels 71 and 99,
[00:32] all found within a dungeon beneath Daemonheim.
[00:35] Get up to your eyeballs in eyeballs and earn the blinding hexhunter bow,
[00:39] a rare level-80 bow that has a large damage increase against magic opponents,
[00:43] and an accuracy increase to those weak to arrows.
[00:46] There's also elite mobs to fight, a pet to earn, lore to find,
[00:50] and new high-tier arrows to fletch and loot.
[00:53] It'll be our first update of the month, on the 8th January,
[00:56] and we'll be partnering it up with a re-release
[00:58] of the anniversary cake for RuneScape's 17th birthday.
[01:01] Yes, RuneScape is now old enough to get a driving licence.
[01:05] If you're a skiller, then we'll offer the Elder Divination outfit ingame.
[01:10] Grab fragments from Divination and fuse them together for supercharged benefits.
[01:15] We're also bringing the skill outfit head add-ons ingame at the same time.
[01:21] For the crafters and rangers out there, we're offering the enchanted bakriminel bolts update,
[01:26] which gives some love and enchanted gems to a bakriminally underused part of the game,
[01:31] with different effects for each of the 11 gems.
[01:34] We're planning to bring forward some changes from the bank rework too in the bank rework taster.
[01:40] In it you'll find Diango and costume room access from the bank,
[01:44] all 10 presets visible as standard,
[01:46] and highlighting on any junk items that can be readily ditched.
[01:50] Hati, Sköll and Fenrir make a return, along with their pal Vic the Trader,
[01:54] who handily converts their bonanza of bonus XP into unlocks, XP and more.
[02:00] The aura bag arrives after adjustments based on your feedback,
[02:04] and brings auras out of your bank and into your main interface,
[02:07] where they can be browsed and activated from a single location.
[02:11] Sliske's Endgame replayability also makes a belated entrance,
[02:15] allowing you to hunt out all your favourite gods in that maze.
[02:20] But it's in February, March and April that things get interesting.
[02:24] The move away from expansions bears fruit, and the fruits are juicy.
[02:28] In no particular release order, let's start with clue scroll overhaul.
[02:32] It includes some things you might expect, like master tier clues,
[02:35] new puzzles and new rewards, including Second Age Saradomin gear,
[02:39] a Robin Hood outfit and dragon masks.
[02:41] But there are things you might not have expected,
[02:44] like a clue scroll log to track your overall winnings,
[02:46] which has been tracking your winnings for two months now,
[02:49] hidey holes for emote clues, a clue scroll outfit that makes you a clue-hunting superstar,
[02:53] and fixes to clue scrolls as a whole, like stackable caskets
[02:56] and the capacity to hold up to 25 clues of each tier.
[02:59] Then there's Solak, a top-tier boss aimed at groups of seven,
[03:03] with a distinct duo mode for those who struggle to form a bigger group.
[03:06] He's had a makeover since RuneFest, again based on your feedback,
[03:09] and there's a fascinating story to be uncovered if you can hatchet your way through to it.
[03:14] Hone your skills, get to The Grove and see if you can be the first to topple the tree.
[03:18] You might get some tier-92 crossbows for your efforts.
[03:20] Pieces of Hate arrives in port, and the finale of the Pirate Quest series has got a cargo
[03:25] full of adventure, humour and loved characters from the previous quests.
[03:28] While it's effectively the last in the series, the pirate quests have been unpredictable
[03:32] in their unpredictability, so don't expect it to end swimmingly.
[03:35] You can however be sure that Rabid Jack will make an appearance
[03:38] and war will come to Mos Le'Harmless.
[03:41] Continuing the nautical theme will be deep sea fishing.
[03:44] This beautiful location is aimed at mid-to-high level
[03:46] and offers diversity to the traditionally laid-back Fishing skill.
[03:50] We're aiming for every visit to be different.
[03:52] One moment, you'll be dealing with sea beasts from far-flung locations.
[03:55] The other, you'll be catching the new best-in-slot catch, sailfish.
[03:59] This is a serene location that we expect fishers to fall in love with.
[04:03] And now for the quickfire round.
[04:04] Group Ironman follows the rules of Ironman, but allows linked ironmen to trade amongst themselves
[04:09] and participate in multiplayer content like group bosses and Dungeoneering.
[04:12] Safecracking is best described as Elder Trees for Thieving,
[04:15] tasking the player with travelling to vaults in the castles of Gielinor,
[04:18] all for XP and new rewards unlocked at the Thieving Guild.
[04:22] We'll be bringing you the Mimic boss ingame permanently.
[04:24] The Mining and Smithing beta will roll in,
[04:26] giving you a chance to forge the future of the two skills.
[04:28] Spring Fayre will return, with less focus on Runecoins to participate,
[04:31] and it will home the Easter event.
[04:33] We'll be building a minigame hub to bring all minigamers into one location,
[04:37] cutting some of the more underused minigames in the process.
[04:40] You'll get to rebuild Edgeville after its dragonkin decimation.
[04:43] A high-level Brimhaven Agility arena and graphical rework will get players tagging pillars together.
[04:48] And a calendar of events will give you the lowdown of what is happening ingame at any one time.
[04:53] Then there's the biggie, the next Double XP Weekend.
[04:57] This will take place on the 23rd to the 26th of February,
[05:00] so start prepping now if you don't want to pay inflated prices for supplies.
[05:04] More importantly, we are back to supporting Special Effect for that weekend,
[05:07] and we'll be raising money for them during a 24-hour Gameblast livestream.
[05:11] Please give generously!
[05:12] We're aiming to keep that quality and frequency up for the rest of the year,
[05:16] which brings us to...
[05:18] There's no doubt in the headline-est of headline acts.
[05:21] RuneScape on Mobile is due for launch later in the year,
[05:23] making Gielinor available to you on the move.
[05:26] This won't cost a dime extra. It's all part of your membership.
[05:29] We want you to get involved with upcoming betas, surveys and showcases
[05:33] so that you are the ones who tell us when it is ready for launch.
[05:36] For us it's the most exciting development in RuneScape since Guthix took a staff to the chest.
[05:41] Mining and Smithing rework is aiming for the third quarter and it's the full-fat experience.
[05:45] Ore tiers are being moved down to match the combat stats of their resulting gear
[05:49] and new tiers of ore are being added to the top end, bringing new weapons and armours.
[05:53] That could have been it, but we're chucking in new Mining areas, new Smithing rewards,
[05:56] quality-of-life improvements like making Mining rocks inexhaustible,
[05:59] and changes to every single piece of content that is affected by the rework,
[06:03] which is the largest part of the whole project.
[06:05] It's here that the section gets a bit more speculative.
[06:08] We're planning to work on these projects,
[06:09] but they're not yet in active development.
[06:12] This includes bank rework.
[06:14] We're eager to kickstart the full project as soon as possible,
[06:17] and that's likely to be after the mobile launch.
[06:20] You know what it includes already,
[06:22] bank placeholders and a slew of quality-of-life and customisation features.
[06:26] We've also neglected clans over the years and we want that time to end.
[06:30] We've collected info from current clan members and leaders
[06:33] and we've got prioritised areas of attack.
[06:36] We're eager to make clans more versatile to manage.
[06:38] We want new players to be introduced to clans early
[06:40] so that they can be guided to the best content.
[06:42] And we want clans to feel a little more competition with each other.
[06:45] We might even bring clans more onto the surface world.
[06:48] It's still early days and it's similarly reliant on mobile to be launched,
[06:52] but we'll begin to sneak out smaller clan updates and show you our design before then.
[06:56] Some other promised updates will be incoming.
[06:58] You can expect skilling off-hands.
[07:00] We'll be looking to fix dailyscape through a number of rework projects,
[07:04] while also ensuring that new updates don't add to the problem.
[07:07] And we'll be looking to make small improvements to Shattered Worlds to increase variety.
[07:11] Think new objectives to achieve and new rewards to gather.
[07:15] We feel we had a bittersweet 2017.
[07:17] Some good projects in the form of Nex Angel of Death,
[07:19] combat pets, achievements and more,
[07:21] but a general sense that we could have done so much better.
[07:23] In 2018 we're determined for it to go differently.
[07:27] When we look through the Year Ahead, we feel like it's ambitious and, importantly, achievable,
[07:31] as we either started work on all these projects or we will do so soon.
[07:35] It's not just about quantity either.
[07:36] We're already on track for getting ahead of ourselves,
[07:39] finishing projects well before release dates,
[07:41] so that there is more time to get projects right.
[07:43] Plus, the team are enthused about showing their work in content showcases,
[07:46] betas, social posts, surveys and polls so we can get your feedback in early
[07:50] to truly make a difference to what we're producing.
[07:52] We're really excited about the new year
[07:54] but we want to know whether you think we're in the right direction too,
[07:57] so please do let us know!
[07:58] In the meantime, have a wonderful new year
[08:01] and we'll start the updates rolling with stalker creatures on the 8th of January!
[08:04] Have a happy new year and have a wonderful 2018!