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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] THE YEAR AHEAD 2017
[00:11] We have a New Year's feast for you today.
[00:13] We're expanding this Month Ahead video to cover the Year Ahead.
[00:17] That means the usual helping of January reveals,
[00:20] with a side order of treats from the rest of the year.
[00:23] We're talking the Menaphos expansion, the bank rework,
[00:27] a quest we've never mentioned before, and much, much more.
[00:30] And where to start?
[00:32] How about with January, and it's the theme of surprise!
[00:37] Everything we're launching in January has been kept under wraps.
[00:40] That begins with a surprise update that is coming out tomorrow, on January 9th!
[00:44] Welcome to Memorial to Guthix.
[00:48] If you're like me and you've got a soft spot for Guthix
[00:51] and your eyes were filled with tears at the end of The World Wakes,
[00:54] well, Memorial to Guthix will let you say a proper goodbye in a rather rewarding way.
[01:00] While doing Divination, you will occasionally receive an item in your currency pouch.
[01:05] These are memory strands, and you'll be combining them
[01:09] with fragments from Guthix's past that you will find all around the wider world.
[01:14] This will result in something called echoes,
[01:17] which can be placed in your own temple for chunks of XP
[01:21] and some revelations that could change the way you think of Guthix completely.
[01:26] More importantly, the more echoes you gather,
[01:29] the more passive Divination benefits you can choose from.
[01:32] These include longer wisp durations, increased XP from divine locations,
[01:37] and some rather fetching butterfly wings, and more!
[01:41] Another big update for January has been kept equally mysterious.
[01:46] At the end of January, we will be revealing Nex, The Angel of Death.
[01:51] Like Rise of the Six was to the Barrows Brothers, the Angel of Death is to Nex.
[01:57] This is a completely new Nex encounter.
[01:59] A new area, a new boss with new mechanics, and new rewards.
[02:04] Rather than follow the pattern of recent bosses, it harks back to older times.
[02:10] There's no killstreaks or climbing enrages here.
[02:13] Just turn up with any number of players and fight your way to the end for loot.
[02:18] And what loot there is,
[02:21] including something that we've never ever given away in a boss encounter before.
[02:26] And the lorehounds can feel satisfied that the Angel of Death expands on Nex's story,
[02:31] including her relationship to Zaros.
[02:33] But that's all I'll mention for now.
[02:35] What we can talk about are some of the juicy titbits that January brings.
[02:40] Some of them are no surprise at all,
[02:42] like the return of Hati, Sköl and Fenrir, for example,
[02:45] and the wallop of bonus XP that comes in their wake.
[02:49] Vic the Trader also returns,
[02:51] giving you a rather handy alternative for that bonus XP.
[02:54] And we have a couple of events that will be familiar too.
[02:57] An undead pirate event called Deathbeard's Demise, which is a lot like Birth by Fire,
[03:02] and a New Year's resolutions card to complete,
[03:04] similar to the Zodiac and Walk Like a Pirate events.
[03:07] We'll also be offering a fantastic-looking new legendary pet,
[03:11] and a new batch of player names for you to claim.
[03:14] Finally, from me, to end on another surprise,
[03:17] we would like to give you a late Christmas gift
[03:20] to commemorate the launch of Memorial to Guthix.
[03:23] For the next two weeks only, you'll be able to enter this code on Diango's store
[03:28] to claim a Guthix Butterfly pet.
[03:31] Yeah, yeah, January is all well and good, but what's happening after then?
[03:35] This is a Year Ahead, after all!
[03:37] While January was all about surprise, February is all about passion.
[03:40] It's about giving our developers time to make the projects they've been bursting to make.
[03:45] It's about teams grabbing passionate player ideas
[03:48] from the forums and Reddit and getting them into the game.
[03:51] It's a whole month dedicated to stuff that doesn't traditionally get a chance
[03:54] to rise to the top of the release schedule.
[03:57] And that means a new quest that we haven't mentioned before,
[04:00] and will be revealed in more detail in February's Month Ahead.
[04:04] But, because I can't really keep secrets,
[04:06] let me tell you what a little bird told me. It's great, Scott!
[04:10] The quest was put together as a personal project by Mod Helen and Mod Nexus
[04:14] and we were so smitten we just had to get it made.
[04:16] And similarly, we'll be adding two new augmentable tools,
[04:19] which brings two more skills into Invention.
[04:21] They'll come with a slew of non-combat perks that will change up training dramatically,
[04:25] including clue scrolls from non-combat training
[04:28] and immediately disassembled items from manufacturing skills.
[04:31] This is a Mod Ryan passion project.
[04:33] You can see a trend forming.
[04:34] A development team that wants to regularly treat you with content,
[04:37] outside of the expansions and big projects that we have planned for 2017.
[04:41] And to celebrate this, we'll be running a Game Jam weekend on the 17th to the 20th of February.
[04:46] In it, we will be producing updates just like these.
[04:48] And, if they're good enough, we'll release a steady stream of them in the weeks to come.
[04:52] Importantly, this is not just about us. We want you to get involved.
[04:55] We want your passion projects, your smaller ideas
[04:57] to be posted on the following forum and Reddit threads over the next weeks.
[05:01] The very best ones will be cherry-picked for production over that Game Jam Weekend.
[05:05] You might even be able to see your ideas being made over that weekend,
[05:07] as we will be keeping you up to date as we do it.
[05:09] This is where the big news comes in.
[05:11] The Game Jam Weekend will coincide with 2017's first Double XP Weekend.
[05:16] Book it into your diaries, Scapers.
[05:18] Double XP Weekend begins on the 17th of February.
[05:21] There'lll be some healthy gains to be made,
[05:22] all while watching us create new content for the game.
[05:24] That is a pretty sweet deal.
[05:28] But the real deal is coming in June, right?
[05:30] June is when RuneScape's first expansion lands, The Golden City of Menaphos.
[05:35] We want you to explore every inch of the sunny city,
[05:37] and discover a plethora of rewards, quests and other treats as you go.
[05:41] This means keeping a lot secret. Surprise is a theme for the year after all.
[05:45] But of course we've made sure that there is stuff worth shouting from the pyramid-tops.
[05:49] Firstly, there are the Tombs of Amascut,
[05:52] which will bring much-needed strategy and skill to non-combat training.
[05:55] Jump into a tomb and show your skill at raiding them to receive windfalls of resources and XP.
[06:01] There's a new addition to the desert quest line with the corrupted god Crondis.
[06:05] There's a new slayer dungeon to master, which comes with a range of new mobs.
[06:08] And, finally, an increase to the Slayer level cap, taking you all the way to 120.
[06:14] Expect more information and ways to get involved, including polls, as we approach June.
[06:19] But don't worry, there's still plenty to get excited about in the first half of the year.
[06:23] March will bring a clue scroll overhaul, reworking the old while bringing in the new,
[06:27] including a new clue scroll tier and new rewards.
[06:30] Before Menaphos, expect the launch of the achievements system,
[06:33] which will bring you a method of tracking your progress and abilities in the game.
[06:37] You'll also get to delve into Shattered Worlds,
[06:39] which will challenge you to progress further and further into interdimensional rifts.
[06:43] We will be introducing a new event in the same vein as The Beach called the Spring Fair,
[06:47] and Evil Dave quest will be as colourful and funny as its concept art.
[06:51] We'd also like to reassure you that we're looking critically at stuff in game that drags you away from what you want to play.
[06:57] We'll be reworking dailies, which are so rewarding in the case of Sinkholes and Warbands
[07:02] that you feel forced to play them.
[07:03] We'll be looking at challenges, changing them so you can play how you want.
[07:07] And we'll be ensuring that our holiday events are quest-like encounters
[07:10] that do not force you to play for hours on end.
[07:12] For all of these, we'll be working with you and incorporating your feedback.
[07:17] And what about the second half of the year?
[07:19] It's easy to forget that 2017 will bring two more expansions.
[07:23] We'll be revealing the identity of the September expansion after Menaphos
[07:26] and the December expansion later this year.
[07:29] The second half of the year will also bring you the bank rework,
[07:32] which is currently open for your feedback in the form of a design document and developer diary.
[07:36] This long-awaited project will bring you meaty upgrades
[07:39] while retaining the sense of familiarity that you want.
[07:41] We're planning placeholders, unlimited tabs, full customization,
[07:46] and both Diango and the Wise Old Man in your bank, as weird as that sounds.
[07:50] The Mining and Smithing rework is receiving its final Dev Diaries in January,
[07:54] which will precede a full design document before launch later in the year.
[07:57] The Beach will be returning too
[07:58] and you can be sure there is more coming than we are willing to reveal right now.
[08:02] You know, surprises and all that.
[08:04] So there we go!
[08:06] January is looking great, with a new Divination training method coming on Monday
[08:11] in the form of Memorial to Guthix.
[08:14] And don't forget to get your Guthix Butterfly pet ready.
[08:17] And get ready for revisiting some old favourites
[08:19] like Hati and a massive dose of Nex!
[08:23] 2017 is shaping up quite fantastically
[08:26] and I hope that you're looking at the year ahead with a large dollop of excitement.
[08:31] Wooters out.
[08:32] And Happy New Year from all of us.
[08:45] You'll be able to enter this code on Diango's store to claim a gotherfly...
[08:52] Gotherfly! What's that?