Transcript of 200 Million Players Since Launch!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] I think we escaped was one of the first
[00:15] games of its kind and really captured
[00:17] people's imagination we had about 35,000
[00:20] paying members i think when i started
[00:23] people found that they were working on
[00:25] something that could be pretty cool but
[00:26] I just don't think anybody truly
[00:28] understood exactly how big everything
[00:29] was going to get there was a real kind
[00:31] of relationship that we had with the
[00:33] players and that's a really exciting
[00:35] place to be it will be nothing without
[00:36] even the players in the community I
[00:38] think we all felt that we're on to
[00:40] something but we never really imagined
[00:41] that we were going to end up where we
[00:44] are here today in this amazing building
[00:45] with joy million accounts 200 million is
[00:52] a huge number I mean you know that's
[00:54] bigger than them some populations in of
[00:57] countries
[00:58] 200 million people who touched our
[01:01] product appreciate well done that's
[01:03] phenomenal 200 million accounts created
[01:06] is so big 200 billion just seems like
[01:10] the unachievable and it just makes me
[01:11] feel that we're just getting started and
[01:13] what comes next what comes after 200
[01:15] million 400 million a billion
[01:20] truly appreciative of it but I'd be very
[01:23] happy when that's two billion the fact
[01:25] that we are reinventing ourselves all
[01:26] the time it's a living breathing thing
[01:28] one of the big things that sets we
[01:31] escaping part is really the shifts it
[01:33] makes literally every single week the
[01:35] future is very bright we've got the
[01:36] evolution of combat coming very very
[01:37] soon that's going to really
[01:39] revolutionize the way people play the
[01:40] game as it feels like the most exciting
[01:42] next couple years that I've ever seen I
[01:44] think Prince gets going to become a
[01:46] multi-generational entertainment
[01:48] experience over the decades to come
[01:50] that's only what we're building the
[01:52] building a game for the next 10-15 years
[01:54] now