Transcript of 200 Million Accounts - Player Testimonials

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] for things like 200 million accounts
[00:21] means to me it's more people to kill in
[00:23] the world it's huge milestone for a game
[00:30] had such humble beginnings it began in a
[00:33] 22 year olds house it didn't start off
[00:35] in a board room full of game designers I
[00:38] think that's pretty impressive that with
[00:40] such beginnings like that it's still
[00:42] going strong it's about one thirty fifth
[00:45] of the world's population it means more
[00:47] opportunities to meet amazing people
[00:49] around the globe normal Indians war
[00:52] urgent and a million nine hundred men
[00:55] and thousand nine hundred men of
[00:56] different accounts but I get to pummel
[00:58] in the duel arena which is pretty
[00:59] awesome runescape just come so far and
[01:02] it's nice to see that just goes to show
[01:04] you that they are a force to be reckoned
[01:06] with as it seemed like the games growing
[01:08] up with me you gotta clear do something
[01:10] rate means a massive party to celebrate
[01:13] the creators of runescape the players of
[01:15] runescape and to celebrate the awesome
[01:18] game that are interpretive it means we
[01:20] have just started the other websites
[01:21] crushing the competition and making
[01:23] ruins take one of the best games of all
[01:26] time chills under pilsener
[01:34] my fondest memories from a week I first
[01:37] joined I was really lost I didn't know
[01:39] what to do and I met somebody who
[01:41] answered all my questions and guided me
[01:43] through it and that kindness is
[01:45] something they don't ever forget getting
[01:46] my first 99 or killing dad for the first
[01:49] time earning enough money to you know
[01:51] get my dragon in my Robin which was not
[01:55] cheap fishing lobsters on courage appiah
[01:58] back in the day when you have to spam
[02:00] fire fire fire and some someone lit one
[02:02] so you cooked them all remember this was
[02:04] when there was no cook exeunt them all
[02:06] individually first time only to benders
[02:08] with my clan first plan that I've been
[02:10] with they were awesome we gotta see drop
[02:12] I was like clicking the button like a
[02:13] seat under tell you after I got my split
[02:15] it was awful the massive weight for the
[02:17] ages but by the time they got a bit just
[02:20] so we'll see they were worth the entire
[02:22] time leading getting my first 99 which
[02:24] was attack and i got it at room fest
[02:26] 2011 with mild MMG all the great people
[02:28] that I've met through escape not have
[02:31] had the opportunity to meet them if it
[02:32] weren't for runescape
[02:35] what I like to see if future runescape
[02:38] contact hiring mercenaries to join you
[02:41] in battle
[02:45] I would like to see the combat update
[02:48] circle around all skills to look up
[02:51] horsemanship you could tend to your
[02:53] horse grow with it just involve it that
[02:55] would be awesome maybe some more
[02:57] underwater things going on building to
[03:00] have a pony and to write it I would love
[03:02] a rainbow hair pony it would just be so
[03:05] happy I'd really like to see a mad knew
[03:07] I'd like to see a lot more realism such
[03:10] as having to eat keep your skills up I
[03:12] think maybe something like an airship
[03:13] battle ground where there's a platform
[03:15] suspended in the sky and you can take
[03:17] put air balloons up and shoot birds or
[03:19] item just attach the parachutes and
[03:20] maybe the person on the platform has to
[03:22] collect it for the team one thing that I
[03:24] would love to see in who loves cake is
[03:25] the ability to change from date tonight
[03:27] that is all big congratulations Jags
[03:34] Thank You jagex and good luck with even
[03:36] more i just created keep up the good
[03:40] work jackets
[03:42] I can't wait to see what else you guys
[03:43] bring us run people's kill the
[03:49] wilderness is that way
[03:52] we actually since jackets here's the 10
[03:54] more years
[03:57] escape off
[04:20] you