Transcript of 1,000 Loots From Raids - RuneScape Loot Video

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hey everyone and welcome to 2000 notes
[00:07] from raids video today we're going to
[00:09] see just how much do we get from killing
[00:11] both des egg and ya komaru a thousand
[00:12] times each before we show you the
[00:15] results however let's have a look at the
[00:16] shiny stuff you can get from killing
[00:18] these two beastly bosses and reveal some
[00:20] of the drop rates first on the list the
[00:22] mask AB ability codex as you might know
[00:25] this is the tradable ability book which
[00:27] can consume to unlock a range of
[00:29] abilities for all combat styles with a
[00:31] drop rate of 1 and 20 these are pretty
[00:34] common drop for rates the idea when raid
[00:36] were launched was to give a 10 man team
[00:38] killing both bosses in sequence the
[00:40] chance to get at least one major
[00:41] broadcaster ball drop
[00:43] next up the Razorback gauntlets these
[00:46] are the best in slot melih gauntlets for
[00:48] dps so well worth the effort with a drop
[00:50] rate of 1 in 500 these are among the
[00:53] rarest items you can loot from der zeit
[00:54] you can also loot these from air routes
[00:57] so des egg might not be your best bet if
[00:59] you are looking to obtain from shiny new
[01:00] medal ups lilt as he is probably the
[01:03] most covered to drop from des eyes drop
[01:05] table with a drop rate of one in 512 you
[01:08] will need to stick your teeth in to be
[01:09] lucky enough to adopt this very pet
[01:11] other drops include serenity scales
[01:14] uncut dragon stones battle staves
[01:16] assembly bolts and of course octo armor
[01:19] pieces now down to business let's take a
[01:23] look at what you get after looting ders
[01:25] egg a thousand times we only got one
[01:27] pair of Razorback gauntlets when we
[01:29] could have expected to with the 1 and
[01:30] 500 drop rate we got a total of 57 a
[01:34] birdie codices which amounts to a
[01:36] whopping 1.17 billion GP without owning
[01:40] the lower versions of the armor we
[01:41] gather the 14 actor pieces
[01:44] we also do the whole load of summing
[01:46] charms 80 ceramic scales twenty eight
[01:49] thousand seven hundred and nine battle
[01:50] staves 4200 uncut dragon stones 2513
[01:55] crystal keys and much much more we
[01:58] routed nine effigies in total and over 1
[02:00] million taken assuming each techie is
[02:03] worth eight hundred and twenty seven GP
[02:04] this gives you an extra eight hundred
[02:06] and sixty-eight million GP and of course
[02:09] let's not forget the old tezi
[02:11] we did manage to get him on the hundred
[02:13] and twenty-fifth kill which is rather
[02:14] lucky compared to the one and five
[02:16] hundred and twelve drop rate now let's
[02:18] take a look at ya komaru according to a
[02:20] drop table we should get roughly two
[02:22] times more wealth than we did at desert
[02:23] we looted 41 ability codices sixteen
[02:27] lesson at dezik remember they had the
[02:29] same drop rate so this much of a
[02:30] difference is surprising we got 39
[02:33] active pieces in total more than double
[02:35] what we got at desert 83 sirenix kills
[02:38] 42,000 414 battle staves 8551 uncut
[02:43] dragon stones four thousand six hundred
[02:45] and fifty-six crystal keys ten effigies
[02:47] and x2 1 billion from our techy so there
[02:50] it is a thousand drops from rate we hope
[02:53] this is giving you some insight into the
[02:54] raised drop table and we'll see you
[02:56] again next time bye bye