Transcript of 'Rum'

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This transcript involves dialogue with the player.
  • Player: Eeeeeegads, that's some strong stuff. I wonder if there's better uses for it, though.
  • Player: Maybe if I keep drinking i I'll get superpowers. Or liver poisoning.
  • Player: Do I have a problem? I mean, I'm in a prison full of monsters and I'm getting drunk?
  • Player: No, more, please. I'm begging you, oh invisible puppet master, don't make me drink more of this!
    • Yes - dance, my puppet, dance!
      • Screen fades out
      • Player: Oi,*hic whosh putsh that there? Shtop being there. Rude.
      • Short pause
      • Player: Heyy *hic* yoush is really pretty. Give Player a kish.
      • Short pause
      • SLAP*
      • Player: I deserv*hic*ed that.
      • Short pause
      • Player: Hyuuuurrrrgh.
      • Short pause
      • Player: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      • Screen fades in, you awaken in your cell
      • Player: Oh gods, I feel so unwell.
    • No - I am a merciful god.
      • (Dialogue ends)