Dialogue for 'Bird's-Eye' Jack

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  • Using the Bank
    • I'd like to access my bank account please.
      • Opens Bank interface
    • I'd like to check my pin settings.
      • Opens Pin settings interface
    • I'd like to see my collections box.
      • Opens Collections Box interface
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • 'Birds-Eye' Jack: This is a branch of the Bank of RuneScape. We have branches in many towns.
      • Player: And what do you do?
      • 'Birds-Eye' Jack: We will look after your items and money for you. Leave your valuables with us if you want to keep them safe.
  • Cyrisus After While Guthix Sleeps
    • Player: I'm afraid I have some rather sad news, I still can't believe it myself.
    • 'Birds-Eye' Jack: What? That he's a more respected adventurer than you? Has more renown and better armour? Oh, yes, I bet that does make you sad! Ha, ha!
    • Player: If only that were the case, I'd wish him very well - but he's gone, he's passed away.
    • 'Birds-Eye' Jack: What?
    • Player: He bravely fought alongside Hazelmere, Duradel, Mazchna, Sloane, Ghommal and Harrallak against Lucien's evil. I was there, I saw the whole thing.
    • 'Birds-Eye' Jack: Oh my! That's...I can't believe it!
    • Player: Nor can I...
    • 'Brids-Eye' Jack: Well, it sounds like he went out fighting, which was probably his greatest wish. Don't dwell on it, boy, I'm sure he achieved a greater peace by fighting against the evil of this world.
    • Player: Hmmm, I guess you're right, but I'm still going to miss him.