Dialogue for 'Admiral' Wadud (Ports)

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  • How did you become the leader of the Ports district?
    • Wadud (Ports): Many moons ago I was naught but a boy with wonder in his heart and silver in his knapsack. I was hungry to hop from coast to coast and explore the ocean as free as a gull; but, alas, nothing in this life is really free. Abandoned by the crew that had so graciously taken me to their helm, and cheated out of every penny I had, I found a stern suitable for the swindled and suspect: the Skulls. The Skulls nestled me to their teat, and nurtured me, and I got my sea legs for real. Though, because I knew that nothing was free, I knew that included the loyalty of the men around me. It was all too easy for me to skim the top off every trade, and rise to the top of the warband. It was only when I caught wind of machinations gusted forth by my underlings that I decided to set sail. Me and my crew of what passed for loyal buccaneers fled into the embrace of the ocean, and the sea smiled on us that night and held us tight. Within hours of our exodus, we found a fleet of familiar fruit, all too plump not to pick: my old crew, the ones that had left me to waste away all those years prior. They had grown ripe and juicy with decadence and we were lean and ravenous. It was no contest, but I would be lying if I didn't enjoy every slice. It took that moment to make me realise how far I'd really travelled. I'd tread dangerous waters that would make many men balk just to get by. With a heavy cargo, and a heavier heart, we set sail for shores that would be genuinely welcoming to those hoping to eke out an equable existence. After being repulsed from any town we set foot in and running low on supplies, we stumbled across Menaphos, and what a sight to behold it was! Menaphos needed someone resourceful, with an in-depth knowledge of crews that they clashed with on a daily basis. I could provide them with a modicum of security, and in return they did, and still do, dole out 'discretion'. A relationship like that is beneficial to both parties, and you can probably guess how I became so powerful. And rich.
  • If you love the sea so much, why are you always on land?
    • Wadud (Ports): In the same way that our Pharaoh rarely joins the battlefield with the rank-and-file, a true Sultan of the Sea should not be expected to set sail with buccaneers and stowaways. I am more useful to everyone in a position where I can see the bigger picture, rather than straddling the waves themselves. At least from here, I still get to see the currents rise with pride like mountainous peaks in the seabed. It fills me with hope for the future.