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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hi my name is OG just me Mademoiselle
[00:08] bueno a d-link my name is Kisa my name
[00:11] is captain my name is Mustafa je
[00:13] m'appelle a pink silly my name is Artie
[00:16] cittàgazze ooh hi my name is Victor
[00:18] Newsome uncle you are welcome to its own
[00:21] hero senator welcome to Kenya the home
[00:24] of the big five are welcome to reach
[00:27] over the cradle of mankind welcomes
[00:30] Uganda this is Lake Victoria i am from
[00:35] ghana welcome to my country Oh Africa is
[00:39] the opportunity to get deeper into
[00:41] authentic Africa showing you what Africa
[00:44] is like through the eyes of the children
[00:46] who live there we started with films
[00:54] they made themselves they acted scripted
[00:57] edited and directed short films about
[00:59] their lives and issues that matter most
[01:01] of them they love the idea of showing
[01:03] their world to the rest of the world if
[01:07] you want to see a mother cooking 10 if
[01:08] you don't be a staple food it's there
[01:11] and I if you want to go to Namibia and
[01:14] explore the desert and travel to the
[01:16] skeleton coast it's there in all Africa
[01:18] if you want to see marketplaces tribal
[01:20] traditions sport people in culture what
[01:23] children do in their spare time all
[01:25] across the continent all wheel drive
[01:27] your children it's there
[01:32] Oh