Tranquil yellow salamander

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Tranquil yellow salamander detail.png

A tranquil yellow salamander is a yellow salamander that has been calmed by a restored singing bowl artefact held in the player's inventory at the time the creature was caught. Unlike caught yellow salamanders, the tranquil yellow salamander will not be automatically released and instead remains within the player's inventory. The calming effect is automatic and applied once a yellow salamander is caught normally via the Hunter skill; attempting to use a singing bowl directly on a wild yellow salamander yields the message: The singing bowl will help you calm the salamander after you catch it.

Obtaining a tranquil yellow salamander is necessary to complete the Fragmented Memories mystery. Once the mystery is complete, tranquil yellow salamanders can no longer be obtained - it will be released as normal if caught while carrying the singing bowl.

Location[edit | edit source]

Yellow salamanders may be caught in the Southern Hunter Area on Anachronia:

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