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Trakerel is believed to be the former owner of Trakerel's Fish Shop, a small mart in north-eastern Meiyerditch where fish and fishing supplies were formerly sold. The shop is now in a state of disrepair and Trakerel has either been arrested by the vyrewatch or gone into hiding. They cannot be found in-game, although the shop's name suggests that they at one point did exist.

The exact time at which Trakerel managed the fishery is unknown. The Message found during The Darkness of Hallowvale mentions Trakerel and appears to have been written within, at most, several years of the present. The shop, although partially in ruins, is still littered with bones and fishing supplies, suggesting that it was abandonded somewhat recently.

Trakerel's business appears to have been closed as part of an additional crackdown by Lord Drakan on human freedom in the Sanguinesti region of south-eastern Morytania.