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Trade goods are resources found and used exclusively within the Player-owned ports minigame. They are obtained primarily from special voyages offered by adventurers, but standard voyages can sometimes offer them too. Trade goods are used to make rewards usable outside of ports, including scrimshaws, Tetsu, Death Lotus and Seasinger's equipment. The relevant trade goods can also be used to repair superior versions of the equipment sets, instead of using coins. In order to use trade goods, relevant Eastern scrolls must be collected.

All trade goods can be obtained in any region of the Eastern lands except The Arc and The Skull, with the number of goods obtained per voyage increasing with the difficulty of the region. Each adventurer has an associated trade good, which will often be offered as a special voyage when they are in port (in an amount corresponding to the region). Duo voyages offer slightly higher amounts of one trade good. Each adventurer's story usually ends with a reward of a large amount of a trade good, and each trio storyline ends with an even larger amount of trade goods. The Trader also offers a small number of one trade good per day, in exchange for a large amount of port resources. The ports chest in The Faraway Place where Things are Kept can give 10 Ancient bones, 20 Plate, Lacquer, or Chi, or 50 Spice.

A maximum of 250 of each good can be stored at once. If a successful voyage is checked while the associated trade good is close or at 250, the excess is wasted.

The Grand Exchange value of each trade good in coins when crafting each tradeable reward is given by Calculator:Other/Trade goods.

Uses and associated adventurers[edit | edit source]

Trade good Use Associated adventurer Associated duo Associated trio[1] Skills for effective gathering[2]
Story[3] Other
Ancient bones.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ancient bonesAncient bones Scrimshaw, Death Lotus darts The Biologist, The Exile The Biologist, The Missionary None Quin (Assassin, Occultist, Whaler) HerblorePrayer
Plate.png: RS3 Inventory image of PlatePlate Tetsu equipment The Convict, The Missionary, The Tengu The Whaler, The Memory Biologist and Whaler,
Exile and Whaler[4]
Hyu-Ji (Biologist, Convict, Missionary), Guardians of the World (Tengu, Memory, Exile) FishingDivination
Duo: HerbloreDungeoneering
Spices.png: RS3 Inventory image of SpicesSpices Rocktail soup, Sailfish soup The Whaler, The Chef[5] The Assassin, The Chef[5] Biologist and Chef[6] None CookingSlayer
Duo: Herblore
Lacquer.png: RS3 Inventory image of LacquerLacquer Death Lotus armour The Assassin, The Exile The Convict, The Exile Assassin and Convict,
Exile and Whaler[4]
Hyu-Ji (Biologist, Convict, Missionary) ThievingDungeoneering
Duo: SlayerFishing
Chi.png: RS3 Inventory image of ChiChi Seasinger's equipment The Occultist, The Memory The Occultist, The Tengu Occultist and Missionary Quin (Assassin, Occultist, Whaler), Guardians of the World (Tengu, Memory, Exile) RunecraftingAgility
Duo: Prayer
Pearls.png: RS3 Inventory image of PearlsPearls Leviathan rings, Tetsu katana/wakizashi The Architect[7], The Chef[5], The Trapper[8], The Tengu The Architect[7], The Chef[5]

Biologist and Chef[6],
Architect and Missionary[9],
Trapper and Assassin[10]

Eastern Curiosities (Chef, Architect, Trapper) ConstructionCooking
Duo: HerblorePrayerHunterSlayer
Koi Scales.png: RS3 Inventory image of Koi ScalesKoi Scales Reefwalker's cape, Seasinger kiba/makigai The Architect[7], The Trapper[8], The Memory The Architect[7], The Trapper[8] Architect and Missionary[9], Trapper and Assassin[10] Eastern Curiosities (Chef, Architect, Trapper) ConstructionHunter
Duo: PrayerSlayer
Relationships between joint adventurer voyages in Player owned Ports, and the trade goods that they offer.
  1. ^ All trio story missions award equal amounts of both associated goods upon completion of the final part of the trio story.
  2. ^ Listed skills help with long-term gathering, as the relevant adventurers give the trade good in non-story voyages. Adventurers associated by duo only are on a new line. If gathering a specific good, one should build icons of the two main adventurers, and the third icon should be for one of the associated duo adventurers (preferably one which is a primary skill to the preferred secondary trade good).
  3. ^ All story missions award the associated good only upon completion of the final part of the solo story (requiring access to The Pincers).
  4. ^ a b The Exile and Whaler joint voyages award both plate and lacquer at the same time (in equal amounts).
  5. ^ a b c d The Chef is associated with both spices and pearls, with his solo voyages awarding both at the same time (more spice than pearls).
  6. ^ a b The Biologist and Chef joint voyages award both spices and pearls at the same time (around three times more spice than pearls).
  7. ^ a b c d The Architect is associated with both pearls and koi scales, with her solo voyages awarding both at the same time (more koi than pearls, except in final region and story, with both equal).
  8. ^ a b c The Trapper is associated with both pearls and koi scales, with his solo voyages awarding both at the same time (more pearls than koi).
  9. ^ a b The Architect and Missionary joint voyages award both pearls and koi scales at the same time (more koi than pearls).
  10. ^ a b The Trapper and Assassin joint voyages award both pearls and koi scales at the same time (more pearls than koi).

Regional amounts[edit | edit source]

All trade good voyages (standard and single-adventurer) in a specific region are for the same number of trade goods, except for spices, which offer more per voyage due to the consumable nature of their use.

Region Number Spice number
The Hook 1 10
The Scythe 2 15
The Bowl 3 20
The Pincers 5 30
The Loop 6 35
The Shield 8 40