Tortle teleportation tablet prototype

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Tortle teleportation tablet prototype detail.png

The tortle teleportation tablet prototype is a teleportation tablet that is calibrated for tortles. Gustav creates it from 2 law runes, a piece of soft clay, and a plump rabbit that the player must bring him. It needs to be given to Edvard to continue the Tortle Combat miniquest.

Players have a 'break' option with the tablet, which will tell the player "If you break this tablet that has been calibrated for tortles, there is no telling what will happen. You might be teleported two steps to the left, or you might be turned inside out." It will then prompt the player if they want to take a break with the tablet; which will bring up the text "You and the tablet spend a few moments watching the world go by.", followed by the player responding "Well, best get back to work."

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