Torn blueprint fragments (Howl's workshop)

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Torn blueprint fragments (Howl's workshop) can be obtained by excavating any hotspot or material cache at the Stormguard Citadel. They can also be found flying around the citadel. The fragments are used to create blueprints for Ancient Invention on the drafting bench in the Howl's workshop, after the completion of the special research Back to the Drawing Board. More fragments are required to create tradeable versions of the blueprints.

Each fragment can be valued at 3,688.15 coins when used to create an 'Ancient gizmos' blueprint, 3,371.3 coins when used to create an 'Ancient tools' blueprint, 2,219.21 coins when used to create an 'XP Capacitor' blueprint, and 3,711.46 coins on average when used to create a random blueprint.

When used to create random untradeable blueprints, duplicate blueprints cannot be received.[1] Because there is no risk of wasting fragments this way, a total of only 450 fragments are required to create all three untradeable blueprints if the order they are unlocked in is not important to the player. Creating specific untradeable blueprints would require 550 fragments, as after the first two specific blueprints are created for 200 fragments each, the remaining blueprint could be created for 150 fragments since it would be guaranteed to be the final unobtained blueprint.

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