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Tool elves are elves found wandering near Farming patches in Tirannwn. They provide three basic functions: store Farming tools, exchange harvested items into banknotes, and are portals to the Vinesweeper minigame. They are the elven equivalent of tool leprechaun.

They will store many of the tools that players use for Farming, but they will not store seeds or crops.

All tool elves can carry various Farming tools for you and you can retrieve them from any tool elf or leprechaun:

Tool elves will swap harvested crops for banknotes if the player uses the item on them—this includes clean herbs. However, they will not note nightshade or logs.

Elves can also automatically add ultracompost, supercompost, or compost as soon as a patch is cleared. Payment must be done before a patch is cleared, or else the elf will not auto add compost. This costs 500 coins per compost, 1500 coins per supercompost, and 2500 coins per ultracompost. Up to 60,000 can be queued for auto adding. It is required to also store composts, supercompost and/or ultracompost with the elf for this work and the player will be notified when the last compost/super/ultracompost is used.

Equipment held by tool elf.

They can also teleport players to the Vinesweeper minigame. To do this, players can right-click on it and select 'teleport'. The elf will then say "Avach nimporto!", and the player will arrive at the minigame. There is a portal north-east of the farmhouse to return to the patch.

A leprechaun teleporting a player to the Vinesweeper minigame.

Elves[edit | edit source]

Chathead Locations Appearance
Teclyn chathead.png
Elf in Lletya (Fruit tree patch).

Trevelian chathead.png
Elf in Isafdar (mushroom patch)

Afenen chathead.png
Elf in Prifddinas (Elder tree patch)

Eirlys chathead.png
Elf in Prifddinas (herb and bush patches)

Tiwlip chathead.png
Elf in Prifddinas (Tree patch).

Emlyn chathead.png
Elf in Prifddinas (Fruit tree patch).