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Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Grown
Tombshrooms (stage 1).png
Release25 November 2019 (Update)
LocationMushroom patch
OptionsInspect, Guide, Examine
ExamineTombshroom spores have been sown in this farming patch.
Advanced data
Object ID114538

Diseased, stage 2Diseased, stage 3Diseased, stage 4Diseased, stage 5Diseased, stage 6
Diseased tombshrooms
Diseased tombshrooms (stage 2).png
Release25 November 2019 (Update)
LocationMushroom patch
OptionsCure, Inspect, Clear, Guide, Examine
ExamineThese tombshrooms have become diseased.
Advanced data
Object ID114545

Dead, stage 2Dead, stage 3Dead, stage 4Dead, stage 5Dead, stage 6
Dead tombshrooms
Dead tombshrooms (stage 2).png
Release25 November 2019 (Update)
LocationMushroom patch
OptionsClear, Inspect, Revive, Guide, Examine
ExamineThese tombshrooms have become diseased and died.
Advanced data
Object ID114550

Tombshrooms can be grown using the Farming skill by using a tombshroom spore on the Canifis and Isafdar mushroom patches. Tombshrooms are harvested in a single action and are stackable. These mushrooms are mainly used to feed zygomites at the Manor farm and will become mushy mush when removed from troughs.

The yield amount is affected by the tier of Greenfingers aura. If the elite Morytania achievements are completed, the yield will be doubled for both patches.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Farming levelPatchGrowingGrown
109Mushroom patchTombshroomsTombshrooms
ItemSeed per plant [?]Price per seedPrice per plant
Tombshroom spore 5.pngTombshroom spore1656656
Farming experience
N/A650 XPN/A9,032.4 XP per action
Protection of disease (any of the following options) [?]
Pharm Ecology.pngPharm EcologyChronotes.png 3,000Monolith energy icon.png 150
Morytania legs 2.pngMorytania legs 2[f 1]Medium Morytania achievements
Hourglass.png Growth time
CyclesCycle lengthTotal timeRegrowth per item
640 minutes4 hoursX mark.svg
Max harvest actionsYield per harvestGrowth potionRapid Growth
120SundryX mark.svg
Produce [?]
Gloomshroom zygomite (unchecked).pngGloomshroom zygomite (unchecked)11/50134,186134,186
  1. ^ Applied on mushroom patch in Canifis only.

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Tombshrooms (stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Tombshrooms (stage 2).pngDiseased tombshrooms (stage 2).pngDead tombshrooms (stage 2).png
3Tombshrooms (stage 3).pngDiseased tombshrooms (stage 3).pngDead tombshrooms (stage 3).png
4Tombshrooms (stage 4).pngDiseased tombshrooms (stage 4).pngDead tombshrooms (stage 4).png
5Tombshrooms (stage 5).pngDiseased tombshrooms (stage 5).pngDead tombshrooms (stage 5).png
6Tombshrooms (stage 6).pngDiseased tombshrooms (stage 6).pngDead tombshrooms (stage 6).png
7Tombshrooms (grown).pngN/AN/A

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • hidden 7 November 2022 (Update):
    • Diseased tombshrooms has now 'Cure' as the first option.
  • update 25 November 2019 (Update):
    • Added to game.
      • The stinkshroom and tombshrooms are now available to grow and harvest. Just make sure you hold your nose around them.