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Toktz-ket-xil detail.png

A Toktz-ket-xil, roughly translated to "sharp obsidian defender", is an obsidian shield that requires level 60 Defence to wield. It cannot be made using any skills.

This item is also used in a master clue emote step in conjunction with a fire cape and a spork where the player needs to cheer by the sulphur pit of the TzHaar City. There is a hidey-hole nearby allowing the player to store the shield for future use. In order to build it, you must have 88 construction. It requires 4 mahogany planks, 10 Steel nails, and 1 gold leaf.

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  • ninja 23 October 2017 (Update):
    • The Toktz-ket-xil shield once more uses an older model variant.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The shield was given a graphical update on 14 February 2012. This was reverted five years later on 23 October 2017.
  • The banner released along with the quest The Temple at Senntisten on 3 December 2009 displayed a player wielding an obsidian shield, which was confirmed by Mod Emilee when many people thought it was a dragon kiteshield.
  • The price of the obsidian shield has fallen dramatically to near its high alchemy value. This made the obsidian shield a good item to high alchemise, due to gaining profit out of it at times.
  • Before the Evolution of Combat, some players speculated that this was the equivalent of a dragon kiteshield at its time, having a 60 Defence requirement and being red with black spikes.
  • In the 46th Postbag from the Hedge, TzHaar-Mej-Tak mentions that an obsidian shield is used in a similar way to a defender, rather than a shield. This explained its former strength bonus.
  • While wearing warpriest of Zamorak armour, equipping the shield causes a brightness effect on the cap, causing it to appear much brighter than before, appearing charcoal grey instead of black.