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Tobed was a human who lived in Senntisten during the Second Age. The inquisitor Aurelius describes him has a strange sort, quiet and gentle.

Aurelius questioned him as Tobed had been found to be suspected of heresy. Tobed spoke of gods who had more benevolent or righteous designs than Zaros. He is attributed to having been a follower of Saradomin.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Inquisitior's Memoirs (page 4), written by Aurelius, RuneScape. "Today there were four suspected heretics that needed my attention. The first was a human called Tobed. He was a strange sort, quiet and gentle, but when he spoke he spoke only blasphemies. He whimpered that there were other gods out there whose designs were more benevolent, or more righteous. Another fool worshipping the pretender god Saradomin simply because his countenance is human. How vain a species we are."