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Toadbrain is a non-existent goblin and a figment of General Wartface's imagination, whose nonexistence Wartface has a tendency to forget. When Wartface discusses with General Bentnoze about the appointment of a new servant in Grubfoot's stead after his department to Dorgesh-Kaan after the events of The Chosen Commander, Wartface suggests appointing Toadbrain as their new servant, only for Bentnoze to remind him that Toadbrain doesn't exist.[1][2][3]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ General Wartface, RuneScape. "No, he too clumsy. What about Toadbrain?"
  2. ^ General Bentnoze, RuneScape. "No, he not exist. He figment of your imagination."
  3. ^ General Wartface, RuneScape. "Oh yeah. Me always forget."