Quick guide for Tirannwn achievements

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Easy[edit | edit source]

Items needed
  1. ^ a b c If traversing the Underground Pass from the West Ardougne entrance
Quests required
Skills required

Medium[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
Skills required

Hard[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
Skills required

Elite[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
Skills required

Easy achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Start north-east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock
  • Spirit tree teleport to Poison Waste
  • Run west and enter Sewer entrance
  • Kill a Warped terrorbird or Warped tortoise
  • Teleport to Ardougne
  • Equip your mourner gear and enter West Ardougne, run to the north-east building and enter the basement. Alternatively teleport to the temple of light using a crystal teleport seed (after completing Within the Light).
  • Enter the cave and run to the Temple of Light
  • Kill a Shadow (Temple of Light) with any Shadow Spell
  • Teleport to Eagles' Peak lodestone, head south and enter Arandar (wearing only mourner gear)
  • Follow the path southwards, at the end mine Limestone to the north
  • Head south, cross the log and traverse the dense forest to the east
  • Enter the cave, travel through the Well of Voyage and exit through the door
  • Kill a Disciple of Iban using Iban's staff
  • Enter stairs north west of the cave
  • Run south to Klank, talk to him about his gloves
  • Go back upstairs and enter the door in the north east corner.
  • Follow the path, entering the next section and keep following until you get to the door south of the spike pits; unlock it
  • Teleport to Lletya using your crystal teleport seed, repeat until no charges are left
  • Use the crystal teleport seed on Eluned or Ilfeen
  • Head east and talk to Gwir about a previous adventure
  • Teleport to Port Sarim lodestone, run south-east and Charter ship to Port Tyras
  • Buy a Tyras helm from a Trader Crewmember if not owned then follow the path to Tyras Camp
  • Equip the Tyras helm
  • Teleport to Yanille lodestone, run north to the fairy ring
  • Teleport to the Poison Waste (code DLR)
  • Teleport to Tirannwn lodestone
  • Head north-east and jump over Leaf trap
  • Jump back over and talk to Elf Tracker

Medium achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Charter to Tyras and buy a halberd from the quartermaster in the camp.
  • Teleport to Prifddinas lodestone.
  • Get your box trap(s).
  • Plant and pick your papaya from the fruit tree patch in the north-east.
  • In the Cadarn district (east): cut a yew log and fletch a shieldbow, pick a flax and spin it, and string the shieldbow
  • Run south out of the city, cross the bridge, and pass through the dense forest on the west side.
  • Catch a pawya with papaya, and bait a box trap with its raw meat
  • Go north to the elf camp.
  • Fish a shark and deposit it.
  • Kill an elf with the halberd.
  • Teleport to Lletya.
  • Climb up the rope on the east side. Climb down the dead tree to the north-east. Go north and then take the first east to the water with stepping stones. Cross the water and go south-east to the gaps. Jump the gaps and go north. Cross the rope and exit. Go south-east to the hill giants. Squeeze through the plant that's north of the building.
  • Teleport anywhere and get rune essence.
  • Teleport to the Temple of Light using a crystal.
  • Run to the death altar to craft runes if not using a wicked hood.
  • Teleport to Lletya. Buy 15 swamp tar from the general store and get your strange plant materials and harralander.
  • Exit, and go west over the trip wire. Go west through the dense forest. Go north across the leaf trap. Go east/north-east to the cave entrance.
  • Inside the cave make a stranger plant.
  • Run back to Lletya or teleport.
  • Go south of Lletya to the poison wastes.
  • Jump to the first island and make harralander tar.
  • Run back to Lletya or teleport. Speak to Gwir for your reward.

Hard achievements[edit | edit source]

Hard achievements are solely within Prifddinas - an achievement in each area (except Ithell) is required to be done while the voice of Seren is in that district.

  • With your mound of bacon, bread and a chocolate bar, climb to the first floor from the Prifddinas lodestone and give them to Seren

In Ithell:

  • Speak to Lady Ithell
  • Equip your bracelet of clay and mine soft clay
  • Play and retune all four harps in Ithell Harmonium

In Hefin:

  • Speak to Lady Hefin.
  • During the Hefin voice of Seren, Summon a light creature and complete a lap of the Hefin agility course. Continue doing laps of the agility course until a shortcut appears and take it.
  • Cleanse the Corrupted Seren Stone with a cleasing crystal.

In Meilyr:

  • Speak to Lady Meilyr
  • During the Meilyr voice of Seren, harvest moss from the harmony pillars and mix with Juju farming potion

In Crwys:

  • Speak to Lord Crwys
  • During the Crwys voice of Seren, cut a magic log

In Trahaearn:

  • Speak to Lady Trahaearn
  • During the Trahaearn voice of Seren, mine an adamantine rock

Fetch your combat equipment, crystal bow and crystal dagger from your bank.

In Cadarn:

  • Speak to Arianwyn
  • Swap to the ancient spell book at the Cadarn grimoire
  • During the Cadarn voice of Seren, kill a Cadarn elf while still on the ancient spellbook, inflicting at least some of the damage using a crystal bow

In Iorwerth:

  • Speak to Lord Iorwerth
  • During the Iorwerth voice of Seren, pray at an Iorwerth altar and kill an Iorwerth elf, inflicting at least some of the damage with a crystal dagger
  • Play a non-reward game of Rush of Blood
  • Spend 100 slayer points to prefer a slayer task you have been given by Morvran and complete it

In Amlodd:

  • Speak to Lord Amlodd
  • Kill blissful shadows until you receive a blissful shadow core and throw the core into the Amlodd crater
  • After having caught at least 10 different types of implings for Dafydd (Impestuous implings helps), do a dance in Dafydd’s house with at least ten implings present
  • During the Amlodd voice of Seren, create a Titan’s constitution summoning scroll
  • Exchange your familiar pouch for shards with Lord Amlodd
  • Speak to Arianwyn in Cadarn district to claim your reward