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Time is one of the echoes of Guthix that can be displayed atop an echo plinth at the Memorial to Guthix. Players can interact with the echo to read about Guthix's memory.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Time (echo).
Guthix: It cannot be true - this is not how it will end. I am a god; I am not subject to the mortal cycle like those I loved. What he told me cannot be true. How are they even who they claim to be? This is not something that should be! How can they come here and tell me things I cannot know? It must be a lie! And where did they get this key, that unlocks such a journey? It cannot be the truth of this world! I made this place what it is - my time cannot be done! Why me? Why now? I have given so much of myself to this place and this is how I am repaid? This is the sacrifice that is asked of me? How can this happen to me; why would this be my fate? I who have slept rather than bring suffering to people, who has not demanded worship, but avoided furthering such practices...and now my time is to come and I will be no more? This cannot be right. This cannot be just. Where is the balance in this? Where is my own freedom? Why should I pay this cost? What if I made a different offer to them? Is there a negotiation to this, a path to a truer harmony? Perhaps there is a different path from the one I have tried to follow, one which leaves me with a different fate? What if I were to find this person again, before my time has come? What would it take for them to change their part in what is going to happen? No more of this eternal life? A death to come, unsought when it comes. Why could it not have come so long ago, before all of this, before the eons that have passed since last I saw her, my beautiful Aagi? How can it be now it happens? And, oh my daughter, how I have missed you! An empty heart for you still - I had almost forgotten in my rage how long I have lost you, how much I wish I was with you. Your smile! I have no hope now to ever see it again - I will be as gone as you both are. I am lost. So it is to come, I can see that now. They have the Amserdrwys, and so it must be true; he will be my friend. It is not a fight I can win or one I wish to. Instead, I must accept what is to come. The time has come to prepare for my own end...but I cannot let this world be exposed to the horrors others would unleash upon it. The Guardians must be in place. He who told me of what is to come will be the one who completes them - they will serve me as I have served their people. And they, in turn, will come to see me again and tell me of what will pass. They will always remember their purpose, as I will always remember mine.

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