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A player is chopping Timber in a Clan Citadel.
Timber resource.png

Timber is one of the resources used in Clan Citadels. It is obtained by chopping the roots off of the tree found at a Woodcutting plot in Citadels. It is the only resource available at the first tier of a Citadel, and is used in many of the upgrades available. Many of the first tier buildings in the Clan Citadel require timber as 'upkeep'.

The tier of the citadel's storehouse determines the total number of resources each player may gather. In the first tier, the player may only gather up to 1,000 resources per week.

Timber is gathered in a ratio that is dependent of your character's Woodcutting level and the number of clan members gathering from the same tree. For example, a player with 99 Woodcutting will gain 1.04 timber per root chopped. If several clan members are working simultaneously, each player will receive a small bonus to what they gather. Also note that you do not need a hatchet to collect the timber.

A tier 2 tree will produce 20% more timber than a tier 1 tree at any given Woodcutting level (1.85 per root for a player with 99 woodcutting).

For each timber that is cut, you will receive experience in correlation to your level. The higher your Woodcutting level is, the more experience you will gain. This can be a great way for lower levelled woodcutters to gain experience.

After chopping 700 roots you will be able to get bonus experience from the Quartermaster, the amount of which depends on your level and which skill you choose.

When cutting the roots, the player does not get any physical items as all of the resource goes to clan total.