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Tiers are a game mechanic used in Dungeoneering to allow players to easily identify the relative strengths of different types of items in Daemonheim. They are ordered numerically (Tier 1 being the weakest and Tier 11 the strongest). Free players only have access to the first 7 tiers.

List of tiers[edit | edit source]

Tier Level Metal[1] Leather[2] Wood[3] Plant[4] Staff Food Summoning[5]
1 1 Novite Protoleather Tangle gum Salve nettles Water Heim crab 200 Cub Gold
2 10 Bathus Subleather Seeping elm Wildercress Earth Red-eye 250 Little
3 20 Marmaros Paraleather Blood spindle Blightleaf Fire Dusk eel 500 Naïve
4 30 Kratonite Archleather Utuku Roseblood Air Giant flatfish 750 Keen Green
5 40 Fractite Dromoleather Spinebeam Bryll Catalytic Short-finned eel 1000 Brave
6 50 Zephyrium Spinoleather Bovistrangler Duskweed Empowered water Web snipper 1250 Brah
7 60 Argonite Gallileather Thigat Soulbell Empowered earth Bouldabass 1500 Naabe Crimson
8 70 Katagon Stegoleather Corpsethorn Ectograss Empowered fire Salve eel 1750 Wise
9 80 Gorgonite Megaleather Entgallow Runeleaf Empowered air Blue crab 2000 Adept Blue
10 90 Promethium Tyrannoleather Grave creeper Spiritbloom Empowered catalytic Cave moray 2250 Sachem
11[6] 99 Primal equipment
Sagittarian equipment
Celestial equipment
  1. ^ These prefixes are used for ores, bars, pickaxes, hatchets, melee weapons and armour, and arrows.
  2. ^ The leather prefixes are used for Bovimastyxes, the hides they drop, Summoning torn bags, and ranged equipment.
  3. ^ The wood prefixes are used for trees, branches, ranged shortbows and longbows, and un-imbued magical staves.
  4. ^ These prefixes are also used for magical robes, and the cloth used to craft them.
  5. ^ For more information on Summoning tiers, see Dungeoneering/Summoning.
  6. ^ Tier 11 items cannot be made by players and are only obtainable as drops from boss monsters. Tier 11 items have extremely high alchemy values compared to their Tier 10 counterparts, but one may not cast alchemy on bound Tier 11 arrows.