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Thora the Barkeep is a Fremennik bartender in Rellekka. She runs the Rellekka Long Hall Bar, supplying the warriors and revellers with beer. When she was younger, she travelled the world, sampling all sorts of alcohol.[1] She managed to create a cocktail which she considered the greatest ever made. When she returned to Rellekka, she gave up making the cocktail, and had little intent on resuming making it.[2][3] She has a particular dislike of Askeladden, who keeps being a nuisance and trying to sneak in to steal beer.[4]

Manni the Reveller wanted to taste the drink, so he asked an outlander to obtain for him as part of their trials. Thora, not wishing to see the outlander fail, offered to make the cocktail if they got Askeladden to sign a legally binding contract to not step foot in her bar again. He signed it and she gladly made the cocktail, astonished and relieved that her trouble with Askeladden was over.

When Askeladden passed his own trials and took the name Larravak, the contract was rendered null and void, allowing him access to the bar again. Thora was not amused and accused the outlander who had obtained the promise of conning her.[5]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Thora is a Scandinavian name, meaning 'thunder'.

References[edit | edit source]

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