Thok it to 'em (unabridged)

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Thok it to 'em is a book rewarded by Skaldrun to players who complete the Thok It To 'Em (saga) saga with all four side objectives complete:

  • Coward with Bow, behind the Silver crescent door. To open, players must use the Silver curvy thing. Keep attacking him but move away when he teleports to avoid "Arrow rain".
  • Bulky warrior, through the Crimson rectangle door. To open, players must use the Red block. Just attack normally and move out of the way if he charges.
  • Armoured Cow Thing, locked behind the blue triangle door. To open, players must use the Blue pointed thing. Grab the pickaxe and destroy his armour before starting to attack him.
  • Gobby Demon, in the room blocked by the Orange shield door. To open, players must use the Orange stick thing. Don't run away too far, or he'll hit you very hard, but move out of the way when he creates the portals that damage you.

When read, the tome will present the player with three options:

  • Strength
  • Not Strength
  • Use later

If Strength is selected, players will receive 75,765 experience in Strength. If Not Strength is selected, Thok will say "You made mistake? You mean Strength. Thok only teach Strength. Thok is strong, no need for other skill than Strength."

The saga can be played an unlimited number of times, but the experience reward will only be granted upon first completion.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you have the minimum strength requirement (70 strength) the reward will leave you with a little around 1000 experience to 71 strength.
  • This is one of the few experience rewards that can be banked.
  • The experience gained can be increased with bonus experience.