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This guide describes the most effective methods to train the Thieving skill. The experience rate estimates in this guide do not incorporate the use of any experience-boosting items or bonus experience.

Thieving is a support skill that involves using techniques such as pickpocketing, coshing and lock picking to steal items and to gain access to restricted areas. As players level up the Thieving skill, they gain the ability to steal from NPCs and scenery objects, which award greater amounts of experience when they are successfully stolen from. Levelling up Thieving also decreases player's chance of failing Thieving activities where there is a chance of being unsuccessful.

Useful equipment and abilities[edit | edit source]

Ardougne cloak[edit | edit source]

Ardougne cloak 4 detail.png

Different tiers of the Ardougne cloak are awarded on completion of the easy, medium, hard and elite sets of Ardougne achievements. After an Ardougne cloak 3 or 4 is obtained, it increases the player's chance of success when pickpocketing NPCs anywhere in RuneScape.

Thieving cape[edit | edit source]

Thieving cape detail.png

The Thieving cape is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Thieving skill. The cape can be bought alongside the Thieving hood for 99,000 coins from the skill master; Martin Thwait, at the Rogues' Den. The Thieving cape notes almost all items obtained from pickpocketing, which can greatly reduce the need for banking items. The cape also inherits the effect of the Ardougne cloak 3 or 4 if owned, providing the same increased success rate when pickpocketing NPCs. This makes it extremely useful for pickpocketing elves.

Featherfingered necklace[edit | edit source]

Opal necklace detail.png

While wearing a featherfingered necklace, the player has a chance to take no damage and avoid being stunned while pickpocketing. The necklace contains 10 charges and can be made by enchanting an opal necklace or bought from the Grand Exchange for 1,675 coins.

Soul-in-a-box[edit | edit source]

Soul-in-a-box detail.png

A soul-in-a-box is an item whose blueprint is unlocked by completing Nomad's Elegy. It's a reusable item which can be activated to summon a distracting soul, which aids in pickpocketing. Each Distracting Soul costs 100 charges from the charge pack and lasts for 1 minute. It is currently unknown the exact effect the Distracting Soul has for pickpocketing.

Excalibur[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Excalibur detail.png

The Enhanced Excalibur heals 20% of total life points over 20 seconds and has a cooldown of 5 minutes and the Elite Enhanced Excalibur heals 40% of total life points over 40 seconds. It is only useful when pickpocketing targets that can damage the player.

Gloves of silence[edit | edit source]

Gloves of silence detail.png

Gloves of silence increase players' success rate while pickpocketing by 5% while they are equipped. A Hunter level of at least 54 is needed in order to wear the gloves. Gloves of silence can be bought from the Grand Exchange for 3,833 coins each or created at the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock from 2 dark kebbit furs for a cost of 600 coins. Gloves of silence are damaged each time that the player is unsuccessful in a pickpocketing attempt and they are destroyed after 62 failures if counted from when they are new. If a player has multiple gloves of silence then they will all display the same status when their condition is checked. However, if the gloves of silence currently being used do fall apart, then any other pairs that the player owns are reset to the "new" condition. The condition of the gloves is only relevant to the player owning them, and is not a property of the gloves themselves. Players with at least level 64 Crafting can restore their gloves of silence to "new" condition by using 1 dark kebbit fur, costing 115 coins, and thread, costing 17 coins, on the gloves.

Black ibis outfit[edit | edit source]

Black ibis mask chathead (female).png
Black ibis outfit equipped (male).png

Wearing components of the black ibis outfit gives a percentage increase in the amount of base experience that is gained while thieving. There are four pieces in the set: the mask, body, legs, and boots. Items from the outfit can very rarely be found while looting urns and sarcophagi within the Pyramid Plunder minigame. The chance of finding a piece of the black ibis outfit is increased if the player is wielding a sceptre of the gods. The sceptre of the gods is obtained as a rare reward from looting the engraved sarcophagus in the final room of the minigame. The engraved sarcophagus requires level 91 Thieving to access and level 75 Runecrafting to open. If all pieces of the outfit are worn, then an additional set bonus effect is given.

Image Name Experience boost
Black ibis mask.png Black ibis mask 1%
Black ibis body.png Black ibis body 1%
Black ibis legs.png Black ibis legs 1%
Black ibis boots.png Black ibis boots 1%
Set bonus 1%
Total experience boost 5%

Trahaearn exoskeleton set[edit | edit source]

Trahaearn exoskeleton outfit equipped.png

The Trahaearn exoskeleton set is a reward obtained upon completing the Plague's End quest. The set consists of the exoskeleton headband, exoskeleton torso, exoskeleton legs and exoskeleton bracers. When wearing a complete set, players gain the following bonuses:

  • 25% chance of avoiding being stunned and damaged following an unsuccessful pickpocketing attempt.
  • 25% chance of avoiding being bitten by a snake during an unsuccessful attempt to loot an urn at Pyramid Plunder.
  • If the player owns pieces of the black ibis outfit, then they will receive their increased base experience effects while wearing the exoskeleton set.
  • If the player has at least level 75 Thieving and level 75 Hunter, then they will gain a 5% increased chance of success when pickpocketing with the exoskeleton bracers equipped (this effect is equivalent to that given by equipping gloves of silence, so it is recommended that players use the bracers instead of gloves of silence if they are able to do so).

Camouflage outfits[edit | edit source]

Master camouflage outfit equipped.png

Parts of camouflage outfits could be won as a prize from Treasure Hunter during the Camouflage Thieving Sets promotion which ran between 5 and 9 May 2016 or created through the Invention skill with camouflage fragments obtained through training Thieving. The desert camouflage outfit, Keldagrim camouflage outfit and Prifddinas camouflage outfit consist of a head slot, body slot, leg slot, hand slot and feet slot items. When wearing a complete version of any of these three outfits, players gain the following bonuses:

  • 5% chance of double pickpocketing.
  • 5% chance to avoid being stunned when pickpocketing.
  • Increased chance of finding black ibis outfit pieces and sceptres in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of not being hit by snakes in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of passing doors in Pyramid Plunder.
  • If a player owns a black ibis outfit, they will receive its 5% increased base experience effect while wearing a camouflage outfit.
  • If a player owns a Trahaearn exoskeleton set, they will receive its effects while wearing a camouflage outfit.

Players who own all pieces of the desert camouflage outfit, Keldagrim camouflage outfit, and Prifddinas camouflage outfit could combine these outfits' components to form the master camouflage outfit. This outfit gives superior benefits to those given by the other camouflage outfits. Players gain the following bonuses from a master camouflage outfit in addition to those given by a regular camouflage outfit:

Summoning familiars[edit | edit source]

Abyssal lurker.png

There are 2 Summoning familiars available which can be used to give a temporary boost to a player's Thieving level if their special move scroll is used while they are summoned. This can be used to allow the player to access content which they do not currently have the required level for as well as giving a slight improvement in thieving success rate.

Image Name GE cost of a pouch Summoning level required Familiar duration (minutes) Special move scroll Thieving levels boosted Scroll cost
Magpie pouch.png Magpie 1,666 47 34 Magpie scroll (Thieving Fingers) 2 (visible)
3 (invisible) without scroll
Abyssal lurker pouch.png Abyssal lurker 6,863 62 41 Abyssal Lurker scroll (Abyssal Stealth) 4 (visible) 675

Five-finger discount auras[edit | edit source]

Legendary five-finger discount aura detail.png

Five-finger discount auras increase a player's chance of thieving successfully by a fixed percentage while they are activated. These auras' effects last for one hour after they are activated. Players may use 5 or 10 vis wax to extend a five-finger discount aura's activation time by 50% or 100% (costing 79,225 coins or 158,450 coins). This effect must be applied before the aura is activated. Once a five finger discount aura has been used the player must wait 3 hours before using it again. Five-finger discount auras can be bought using Membership loyalty points. All lower tiers of the aura must be owned before a higher tier aura can be purchased.

Tier Percentage chance of thieving successfully increased by Loyalty point cost
Individual Cumulative
1 Five-finger discount aura.png Five-finger discount 3% 5,000 5,000
2 Greater five-finger discount aura.png Greater five-finger discount 5% 14,000 19,000
3 Master five-finger discount aura.png Master five-finger discount 7% 33,500 52,500
4 Supreme five-finger discount aura.png Supreme five-finger discount 10% 58,500 111,000
5 Legendary five-finger discount aura.png Legendary five-finger discount 15% 119,000 230,000

Seren spells and prayers[edit | edit source]

Crystal Mask.gif

Access to Seren spells and prayers, which can be found in the ancient magicks and ancient curses spell and prayer books, is unlocked upon completing The Light Within quest. Crystal Mask requires level 90 Magic and 7 earth, 6 fire, 5 body and 4 soul runes to cast. For 5 minutes after it is cast, Crystal Mask increases the player’s chance of pickpocketing successfully by 15% and gives a chance to not be stunned by NPCs who stun the player following a failed pickpocket attempt. With at least level 80 Prayer players can use the Light Form prayer, which enhances the effects of Seren-aligned spells while it is activated, to further increase their chance of pickpocketing successfully. Players will need to consume around 53 doses of prayer potion per hour, with level 99 Prayer, to maintain the prayer points required to keep Light Form activated. Use of prayer renewal potions can be used to help regain prayer points. Additionally, players can use Grace of the Elves to further cut Light Form's cost in half.

Freedom ability[edit | edit source]

The level 34 Defence ability Freedom instantly breaks free of stuns, and therefore offers the opportunity to significantly decrease time spent in stun. However, it does not allow any thieving actions until the stun's original duration is over.

Luck of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Treasure Trails 1% increased chance to get clue scrolls and to get Treasure Trails items from the following clue scrolls:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite
  • Master

Torstol incense sticks[edit | edit source]

Torstol incense sticks detail.png

Each potency level of torstol incense sticks provides a 0.5% increase to base XP gain. The potency level will increase every 10 minutes and will reach its maximum at level 4 (+2% to base XP). Overloading consumes 6 sticks but instantly provides the maximum potency.

Relic Powers[edit | edit source]

Relic powers can be obtained through the Archaeology skill to unlock permanent passive buffs to assist in training Thieving among other things. Only 3 Relic powers with a combined energy cost of 500 or less can be active at one time.

Methods[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Levels Method Experience per hour Alternative methods
1-5 Pompous merchants 6,000
5-15 Bakery stalls 11,000
15-62 Thieves' Guild Jail doors 61,000 (with level 15-35 Thieving)
83,500 (with level 35-41 Thieving)
Up to 150,000 (with level 50+ thieving)
You can train coshing starting at level 40 at the Thieves Guild by using a rubber blackjack on a coshing volunteer after completing The Feud quest. Experience is based on your thieving level, gaining 178.2 per tick at 99 Thieving.
62-76 Safecracking in Misthalin Up to 300,000
76-83 Safecracking in Asgarnia Up to 400,000
83-99+ Safecracking in Kandarin Up to 575,000, or 950,000 (with hidden safes) Alternatively, Dwarf Traders using Crystal Mask for 447,500 XP/hour with level 99 Thieving.

You may opt to start training at elven clan workers with level 96 Thieving; this gives up to 373,000 experience an hour at level 99.

Levels 1-5: Pompous merchants[edit | edit source]

Pompous merchant chathead.png

Players should begin their Thieving training by pickpocketing pompous merchants. Around 6,000 experience an hour can be gained from this method with level 1-5 Thieving. However, as only 388 experience is needed to achieve level 5 Thieving, players with no previous experience of the skill should achieve level 5 in approximately 4 minutes. Pompous merchants are found in Taverley, just east of the lodestone. Players will gain a few coins each time that they successfully pickpocket a merchant but will lose some life points and be stunned for several seconds if their pickpocketing attempt is unsuccessful.

Levels 5-15: Bakery stalls[edit | edit source]

Baker's Stall.png

At level 5 Thieving players can begin stealing from bakery stalls to gain approximately 11,000 experience an hour. As only 2,300 experience is needed to reach level 15 Thieving it should take players around 11 minutes to reach level 15 Thieving. When stealing from stalls in general, players should stand on the opposite side of the bakery stall to any market guards or guards present in the area or they will attack the player when they attempt to steal. If not spotted, attempts to steal from the stalls are always successful and gives items depending on the type of stall. Each successful theft from bakery stalls will randomly yield bread, cake, a chocolate slice, or a chocolate bar. After an item has been stolen from the stall, the player must wait for the shop stall's stock to replenish before they can steal from the stall again (merely a couple of seconds for Bakery Stalls).

The best bakery stall location for training is in Lumbridge. There is a spot behind the stall that can hide players from the lone guard and it is very close to a bank chest. Same can be said for Catherby Bakery Stall although it is slightly further from a bank. East Ardougne also has bakery stalls, but the high density of guards means that the player will suffer more frequent interruptions and thus lower experience rates.

Levels 15-62: Thieves' Guild doors[edit | edit source]

Lockpick detail.png

With at least level 15 Thieving players should start training by opening doors in the practice chest area of the Thieves' Guild. To access this area of the Thieves' Guild the player must have completed the Buyers and Cellars quest. The practice chest area is located south-east of the main training room within the guild; it is composed of 6 jail cells containing practice chests. Players should train their Thieving by opening the jail cell doors within this area. Once a door has been opened it will remain open for around 5.5 minutes, so players should change worlds (using the "hop worlds" option in the options menu) to find a world where the doors are closed after having opened all the doors on their current world.

At level 15 Thieving, players will only be able to open the 3 doors on the northern side of the corridor for approximately 61,000 experience per hour. At level 35 Thieving, players will also be able to open the 3 doors on the southern side of the corridor. A lockpick is required in order to open the doors on the southern side of the corridor. By rotating clockwise around the room, players can open doors efficiently (the doors impede counterclockwise movement when open). Opening all six doors also reduces time spent switching worlds. Using this method, players will gain 83,500-150,000 experience per hour, depending on thieving level.

The time interval between each lockpick attempt is 1 second, although casual players may choose to miss the precise timing and re-attempt at earliest 1 second longer than possible. Player may queue up the next lockpick attempt as their character animation is reaching for the door. When done efficiently, each door will have at least two click attempt interaction, the first, and the second queue which may be cancelled if the first attempt succeed. When queued correctly, a player may attempt 1 lockpick per second.

Note for Ironmen[edit | edit source]

For Ironmen, purchasing a lockpick from an NPC requires a minimum of 41 thieving for the completion of Lost Her Marbles to access the shop in the Thieves Guild which supplies them. An alternative is to obtain 22 Hunter to catch Young implings which have a common chance of dropping a lockpick once looted.

Levels 62-76: Safecracking in Misthalin[edit | edit source]

A map of safes in Misthalin.

At level 62 Thieving, and with the Thieves' Guild capers completed, players can begin safecracking. First, players should speak to the safe-cracking trainer in the Thieves' Guild if they haven't already to receive a stethoscope and a small loot bag (requires completion of A Guild of Our Own), and then begin looting from chests in Misthalin.

Location Room Safes Getting there
Varrock Palace rooftop treasury (requires a lockpick or hair clip and 65 Thieving) 3 Varrock teleport, up main palace stairs, up south east ladder, exit and run to south west tower
Edgeville General store, upstairs 1 Edgeville teleport or wilderness sword teleport to Edgeville, run to general store, climb ladder
Wizard tower 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] small northeast room 1 Wicked hood teleport, descend 1 floor
Wizard tower 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] small southwest room 1 Run across to the room on the opposite side of the tower.
Lumbridge House south of tree patch, upstairs 1 Lumbridge teleport, run north of the lodestone into the house, climb stairs
Lumbridge Bob's Brilliant Axes, upstairs 1 Leave the house, run south to Bob's, climb stairs
Draynor Draynor Manor, ground floor 2 Draynor teleport, run north to Manor, enter west room
Draynor Wise Old Man's house, upstairs 1 Draynor teleport, run south to Wise Old Man's, climb stairs
Al Kharid 1 & 2 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Zeke's scimitar shop west of the lodestone (requires 69 Thieving)


ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the house directly north of the lodestone (requires 69 Thieving)

2 Home Teleport
Pollnivneach Hakeem the Mayor's house (requires 69 Thieving) 2 Pollnivneach Teleport, or Pollnivneach tablet (after Love Story)

This can provide up to 300,000 experience an hour. Clicking on the safes when they flash blue (for quicker experience), the player can gain up to 400,000 experience an hour.

When your loot bag is full, turn it in to Chief Thief Robin at the Thieves' Guild for even more experience.

Levels 76-83: Safecracking in Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

A map of safes in Asgarnia.

At level 76 Thieving, players should continue to crack safes, moving to Asgarnia.

The most efficient safes to loot are the two in the Black Knights' Fortress (assuming the player owns the Skull of Remembrance for fast teleportation), then the two on the roof of Burthorpe Castle, and finally the two in Port Sarim above the jewellery store and forge. Depending on how attentive you choose to be, you may find that only the first four safes are enough for a 5-minute rotation.

This can provide up to 400,000 experience an hour. Clicking on the safes when they flash blue (for quicker experience), the player can gain up to 500,000 experience an hour.

If the Skull of Remembrance is not an option, you should fill out your rotation with some of the four safes in Falador. The Arc Journal can teleport the player to Quartermaster Gully in Port Sarim, which is close to the safes and requires no charges.

Levels 83-99+: Safecracking in Kandarin[edit | edit source]

A map of safes in Kandarin.

At level 83 Thieving, players should continue to crack safes, moving to Kandarin.

Optimal speed Kandarin Safecracking procedure:

  1. Teleport to Camelot using spell; loot both safes on ground floor of Camelot Castle
  2. Teleport to Ardougne using spell; loot both upper floor building safes surrounding Ardougne market. Skip Ardougne castle safes.
  3. Teleport to Yanille using lodestone; loot ground-floor safe south of lodestone, and the upper-floor safe in the pub to the east.
  4. Repeat.

This can provide up to 500,000 experience an hour. Clicking on the safes when they flash blue (for quicker experience), the player can gain up to 600,000 experience an hour.

A route that encompasses all safes, which is not quite as fast as the above (due to time taken to travel to Ardougne Castle on foot), is as follows: start by casting the Ardougne teleport spell and then loot the safes upstairs in the two buildings in Ardougne Market, then loot the two safes in Ardougne Castle, loot the safe in Jimmy Dazzler's house northwest of Ardougne Castle, teleport to the Yanille lodestone and loot the two safes within the wall and in the pub, then teleport to Camelot and loot the two safes on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the castle. This can provide up to 575,000 experience an hour. However, typically cracking 4 safes will take about 5 minutes similar to Asgarnian ones, so a number of safes can be skipped (see optimal procedure above). A less expensive way is to teleport to Seer's Village and loot from 2 safes in Camelot, teleport to Yanille lodestone and loot the safe inside the wall, and finally the safe at the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of pub.

Levels 90-99+: Safecracking Hidden safes[edit | edit source]

At level 90 Thieving, players should begin to incorporate hidden safes into their route, most notably the safes in Rogues' Castle in the Wilderness. Do not bring any items that you would not want to lose. This can increase experience per hour up to ~950,000 if the player has completed the Hard Wilderness achievements and Summer's End for the upgraded Jennica's ring. Staying at the Rogue's Castle safes and pickpocketing Rogue Captains during safe cooldowns provides ~500,000 experience per hour. Bringing an Enhanced Excalibur negates the need to bring food to heal from pickpocketing stuns.

Location Room Safes Levels Requirements
Zemouregal's fort Southeastern room on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]. 4 90, 92, 94, 96 Curse of Arrav minimum, although Dishonour among Thieves is required to have at least been partially completed to access the hidden safe room. Ritual of the Mahjarrat extremely recommended for complete access to Glacor Cave for transportation.
Zanaris East Zanaris marketplace, in the northwestern and southwestern houses. 2 90, 94 Lost City minimum. Fairy rings or Slayer cape recommended for fast teleport.
Rogues' Castle 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Rogues' Castle, in the eastern room. 3 90 N/A. Hard Wilderness achievements recommended to choose Wilderness Obelisk teleport destination.
Optimal Hidden Safes Speed Route:
Items Required: Jennica's ring (upgraded version from Summer's End), Portable fairy ring, Wilderness sword 3 or better, Camelot Teleport
Items Recommended: Dual wield melee weapons with Mobile perk for Surge and Bladed Dive
When you are 92 Thieving you can use an Abyssal Lurker scroll (Abyssal Stealth) to get a +4 boost that will let you loot all four safes in Zemoregal's Fort.
  1. Teleport to Wilderness using lodestone. Go southeast to the obelisk, right-click one of the pillars, and choose option 6 to teleport to Level 50 wilderness. Go inside Rogues' Castle to loot the three safes upstairs.
  2. Run downstairs and behind the castle near the crates. Operate Jennica's ring to enter the shadow realm to allow you to teleport out from the deep wilderness.
  3. Teleport to Glacor Cave (dkq). Go north out of the cave, west to Zemouregal's Fortress, and loot the 4 safes.
  4. Teleport to Wilderness again; loot the 3 safes again.
  5. Teleport to Zanaris using portable fairy ring; loot both safes in the eastern market area.
  6. Teleport to Camelot using spell; loot both safes on ground floor of Camelot Castle.
  7. Repeat. One cycle takes around 12 minutes.

This provides 950,000 base experience per hour. For faster trips, Double Surge and Bladed Dive are helpful for getting around. The skeleton at Zemouregal's fort and Rogues in their castle can often be Barged as another movement ability. The Slayer Cape teleport to Chaeldar is a closer teleport to the Zanaris safes than the fairy ring. The Master Quest Cape teleport is closer to the Glacor Cave exit than dkq, but this is a very high requirement.

Instead of bringing a Portable fairy ring, which has limited charges, players can also bring a Cape of legends which is an unlimited teleport that is very close to a fairy ring. Another alternative for players who are maxed is to set their Max guild Teleport to the garden and then use a Skill portal that is attuned to the fairy ring.

Bringing some Thieves' Guild teleports will allow players to quick empty their loot bag without losing much XP. With the Medium loot bag, it is estimated that you'll reach a full bag roughly every 2 cycles.

The wilderness safes are prioritized because they give the most experience. The safes in Zemouregal's fort have a cooldown of 10 minutes, as opposed to the usual 5 minutes of other safes. Camelot is included to fill out the rotation because all of the special safes would otherwise still be on cooldown. With this, you should hit the wilderness safes every 5 minutes and the Zemouregal's fort's safes every 10 minutes.

Dwarf traders with Crystal Mask (90-99+)[edit | edit source]

Trader (Yellow Fortune) 2.png

With at least level 90 Thieving players can pickpocket from dwarf traders at the Trade Octagon in Keldagrim. Because of the high rate of failure when pickpocketing from traders, players should only train at them if they are able to use the Crystal Mask spell and Light Form prayer to increase their chance of pickpocketing successfully. Players can obtain up to around 447,500 experience an hour, with level 99 Thieving, by training at traders using Crystal Mask and Light Form. Use of additional methods to improve pickpocket success rate is highly beneficial when pickpocketing from traders.

It is recommended that players steal from the trader wearing a yellow apron located near a lamp on the northern side of the Trade Octagon, as this trader always stands on the same spot, allowing for easier thieving. Simply click on the trader to steal from them. Upon successful pickpocket the player will receive Thieving experience and items including bronze-rune bars, copper/tin-rune stone spirits, harvest heaven seeds, coins, hard clue scrolls, court summons, and crystal triskelion fragments. When the player is unsuccessful in pickpocketing the trader they will be dealt 10 damage and stunned for several seconds. They will also be attacked by a trade floor guard if there is one in the near proximity and will be unable to continue thieving while they are engaged in combat with the guard.

There are two ways to deal with the guards. The easiest way is to simply lure the guards into one of the rooms. There are eight guards in total; four on the north, and four on the south. Attack each group before luring them into the room, and shut the door on them when they are inside. This will ensure that the guards cannot attack the player(s) at all. The other way is to ask your Trade Octagon director to bribe them; they will ask for some ores or bars and once they are delivered, the guards will turn a blind eye to the player for 15 minutes.

Since the latter method hampers experience rates, it's best to simply lure and trap the guards in the rooms. A populated world can also help - world 48 is the best for players pickpocketing traders, due to the presence of other players. Accessing this world requires a total level of 2600 or higher.

Elven clan workers (96-99+)[edit | edit source]

Meilyr worker.png

Players who are unable to use Crystal Mask should begin training at Elven clan workers at around level 96 Thieving. Eight different types of elven clan workers are found in Prifddinas; with each clan's district containing a different kind of worker. Completion of the Plague's End quest is required in order to access Prifddinas. To steal from a clan worker simply click on the worker; elven clan workers are automatically pickpocketed, so there is no need to continually click on them in order to steal loot.

Elven clan workers follow a different pickpocketing mechanic compared to many other pickpocket targets in RuneScape; when failing a pickpocket, you are not damaged. Instead, there are "strikes":

  • Strike one - the worker will say What was that? and a game message will appear stating You have raised Clan (name) suspicions. 1 out of 3 strikes.
  • Strike two - the worker will say What are you doing? and a game message will appear stating Clan (name) is starting to notice your sneaky ways. 2 out of 3 strikes. They'll catch you the next time.
  • Strike three - the worker will say You think clan (name) is easily fooled? We will be watching you (player name). and a game message will appear stating that Oh dear, they've caught you and they've warned the rest of clan (name). All workers of that clan will be alert of the player and cannot be pickpocketed for 20 minutes.

During the first two strikes, the player's chances of getting caught will increase drastically. A No pickpocket icon.png will appear over the pickpocketed worker, and will persist for a short period of time; the worker cannot be pickpocketed from again until this icon disappears. When the third strike occurs, all workers of that clan cannot be pickpocketed from.

Having an active Totem of crystal in Anachronia will reduce the cooldown for a given clan to 15 minutes.

An elf thieving reset token can be purchased for 200 pilfer points from Dodgy Derek in the Thieves Guild in Lumbridge. This will reset the 20 minute timer preventing you from pickpocketing Elven clan workers.

While successfully pickpocketing from an elven clan worker the player can receive various items such as hard and elite clue scrolls, crystal motherlode shards, Prifddinian musician's robes pieces, crystal triskelion fragments, crystal acorns, clan symbol pieces, and brawling gloves. In addition to these lucrative rewards, players may also obtain items related to the skills that are favoured by that clan. All successful pickpockets will always yield a small amount of coins.

The Thieving level required to pickpocket from an elven clan worker varies from level 91 to 98 Thieving, depending on the clan that the worker belongs to. As it typically takes around 4 minutes to reach 3/3 strikes for a particular clan (5-6 minutes with Crystal Mask), it is recommended to pickpocket workers when the player can pickpocket from four clans at any given time. Boosts can be used to pickpocket elves, and it is possible to start pickpocketing them at level 90 Thieving as long as Crystal Mask is being used.

A good route for Ironman badge.png Ironman players with level 99 Thieving is to rotate Meilyr, Hefin, Amlodd, Cadarn and Iorwerth clans, as this yields many useful items for Ironman accounts such as doses of Super attack, Super strength, Super defence, Super ranging potion, Super magic potion, Super energy potion, and Sign of the porter IVs, as well as various useful herblore supplies like Crushed nest and Dragon scale dust.

To gain the most Thieving experience per hour players should prioritise thieving from elven clan workers within the 2 districts that are currently affected by the Voice of Seren as often as possible, as base experience obtained from pickpocketing clan's workers is increased by 20% while the Voice of Seren is active. In between stealing from these clans, the player should steal from the other clans that they are able to access in order of descending level requirement, as elven clan workers with a higher Thieving level requirement award more Thieving experience per successful pickpocket. Crystal teleport seeds can be useful for teleporting between districts. It is possible to gain around 373,000 experience an hour by pickpocketing from elven clan workers while wearing a Trahaearn exoskeleton set at level 99 Thieving (with Meilyr and Ithell clans being affected by the Voice of Seren). The amount of experience that can be gained per hour while pickpocketing elven clan workers depends on which clans are currently affected by the Voice of Seren, as well as the player's ability to access clans which give a greater amount of Thieving experience upon successful pickpocket. A Thieving cape can completely remove the need to bank unless doing Amlodd workers, however it is not required as there are Bank chests all over Prifddinas.

Worker type Thieving level required Thieving experience (with Voice of Seren) Clan symbol
Meilyr worker 98 170 (204)
Meilyr Clan.png
Crwys worker 97 155 (186)
Crwys Clan.png
Hefin worker 96 150 (180)
Hefin Clan.png
Trahaearn worker 95 145 (174)
Trahaearn Clan.png
Amlodd worker 94 140 (168)
Amlodd Clan.png
Cadarn worker 93 135 (162)
Cadarn Clan.png
Ithell worker 92 130 (156)
Ithell Clan.png
Iorwerth worker 91 125 (150)
Iorwerth Clan.png

Alternative methods of gaining experience[edit | edit source]

Completing quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Members Experience
Other requirements
Damage Control P2P icon.png Medium Thieving XP lamp N/A N/A
Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav P2P icon.png 100 N/A N/A
Let Them Eat Pie F2P icon.png 150 N/A N/A
Stolen Hearts F2P icon.png 250 N/A N/A
Diamond in the Rough P2P icon.png 250 N/A N/A
Perils of Ice Mountain F2P icon.png 500 5 Thieving
Tower of Life P2P icon.png 500 N/A
The Jack of Spades P2P icon.png 500 N/A N/A
Buyers and Cellars P2P icon.png 525 5 Thieving N/A
Creature of Fenkenstrain P2P icon.png 1,000 25 Thieving
From Tiny Acorns P2P icon.png 1,000 24 Thieving N/A
The Golem P2P icon.png 1,000 25 Thieving
The Hand in the Sand P2P icon.png 1,000 17 Thieving
Heartstealer F2P icon.png 2,500 20 Thieving N/A
Spirits of the Elid P2P icon.png 1,000 37 Thieving
Biohazard P2P icon.png 1,250 N/A N/A
Dishonour among Thieves P2P icon.png 1,500 30 Thieving
The Giant Dwarf P2P icon.png 1,500 14 Thieving
Hazeel Cult P2P icon.png 1,500 N/A N/A
Tribal Totem P2P icon.png 1,775 21 Thieving N/A
Death to the Dorgeshuun P2P icon.png 2,000 23 Thieving
Hunt for Red Raktuber P2P icon.png 2,000 38 Thieving
Fight Arena P2P icon.png 2,175 N/A N/A
A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen P2P icon.png 2,500 40 Thieving
Carnillean Rising P2P icon.png 2,500 N/A
The Fremennik Trials P2P icon.png 2,812 N/A
Land of the Goblins P2P icon.png 3,000 36 Thieving
The Slug Menace P2P icon.png 3,500 30 Thieving
Icthlarin's Little Helper P2P icon.png 4,500 N/A N/A
Rat Catchers P2P icon.png 4,500 N/A N/A
A Void Dance P2P icon.png 5,000 54 Thieving
The Path of Glouphrie P2P icon.png 5,000 56 Thieving
The Darkness of Hallowvale P2P icon.png 6,000 22 Thieving
Grim Tales P2P icon.png 6,000 58 Thieving
Contact! P2P icon.png 7,000 N/A N/A
Dealing with Scabaras P2P icon.png 7,000 60 Thieving
Deadliest Catch P2P icon.png 8,000 70 Thieving
Lost Her Marbles P2P icon.png 9,800 41 Thieving N/A
Dimension of Disaster: Defender of Varrock P2P icon.png 10,000 N/A N/A
Some Like it Cold P2P icon.png 10,000 50 Thieving
A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift P2P icon.png 11,000 51 Thieving
The Curse of Arrav P2P icon.png 14,000 66 Thieving
Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav P2P icon.png 14,000 N/A
The Feud P2P icon.png 15,000 30 Thieving N/A
A Clockwork Syringe P2P icon.png 18,000 74 Thieving
The Chosen Commander P2P icon.png 20,000 46 Thieving
Mourning's End Part I P2P icon.png 25,000 50 Thieving
Rocking Out P2P icon.png 25,000 63 Thieving
A Guild of Our Own P2P icon.png 30,000 62 Thieving
Do No Evil P2P icon.png 50,000 70 Thieving
Pieces of Hate P2P icon.png 50,000 85 Thieving
The Prisoner of Glouphrie P2P icon.png 60,000 64 Thieving
Total 453,087

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza[edit | edit source]

Circus ticket detail.png

Players can do a Thieving performance at the Circus Distraction and Diversion once per week if they have completed the Some Like It Cold quest. To enter the circus the player must gain a circus ticket from the ticket vendor, which is randomly located in one of 12 possible locations each week. Players can start their Thieving performance by standing on the star next to Teddy.

Circus hud.png

During the performance players have 5 attempts to perform up to 5 different tricks. Thieving experience is received upon the first successful attempt of each trick that the player performs: repeating a trick more than once does not grant additional experience. Each trick has a recommended Thieving level to attempt; however this level is not required in order to perform the trick, as it is possible to successfully perform or fail to perform a trick at any Thieving level. It may take several attempts for a trick is successfully performed. However, when a player performs a trick that has a higher recommended Thieving level than they currently have, the experience received will be the same as that given for performing a trick with half the recommended Thieving level, rounded down.

A player performing the water tank escape trick.

To gain the most experience from the Thieving performance players should begin by performing the highest recommended level trick for their current Thieving level, and work down to the trick with a recommended level half of their current Thieving level. After this players should perform any tricks with a recommended Thieving level which is greater than their current Thieving level and then finally perform any tricks with a recommended level of less than half of their current Thieving level. The Distraction and Diversion's interface will display the recommended Thieving level for the performance's tricks, as well as show which tricks the player has performed successfully. Players can receive a total of 14,260 experience, in about 45 seconds, if they successfully perform all 5 tricks with level 90 Thieving or higher. With completion of the Back to the Freezer quest players may gain up to 1.5 times as much experience from each trick, at level 99.

Name of trick Recommended Thieving level Experience
Pretend Levitate 50 2,206
Card Trick 60 2,647
Flowers from Sleeves 70 2,794
Rabbit from Hat 80 3,088
Water Tank 90 3,525

Money making using the Thieving skill[edit | edit source]

Thieving money making guides
Method Profit Skill Experience Members
Pickpocketing elven workers 670,000 91-98 Thieving (93+ recommended, 99 is useful for noted drops with the thieving cape)
90 Magic recommended
62 Summoning recommended
200,000-280,000 Thieving P2P icon.png
Stealing cave goblin wire 2,390,000 44 Thieving 7,392 Thieving P2P icon.png
Stealing from Vegetable Stalls 910,000 2 Thieving 14,000 Thieving F2P icon.png