Thessalia's Makeovers/Female Legs

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Female Legs[edit | edit source]

The other, default clothing worn in these images are the "Short" sleeves and "Plain top" top.
Certain styles with leg decoration have their secondary colour as the player's default shoe colour.
Click an image for a larger view of it.

Retro[edit | edit source]

Retro fine skirt Retro frilled skirt Retro layered skirt Retro long, narrow skirt Retro ragged skirt Retro tattered skirt
Retro fine skirt.png
Retro frilled skirt.png
Retro layered skirt.png
Retro long, narrow skirt.png
Retro ragged skirt.png
Retro tattered skirt.png
Retro short skirt Retro sashed skirt Retro fitted skirt Retro torn trousers Retro long skirt
Retro short skirt.png
Retro sashed skirt.png
Retro fitted skirt.png
Retro torn trousers (female).png
Retro long skirt.png
Retro turn-ups Retro flares Retro plain trousers Retro skirt Retro shorts
Retro turn-ups (female).png
Retro flares (female).png
Retro plain trousers (female).png
Retro skirt.png
Retro shorts (female).png
Retro labourer's apron Retro plumed skirt Retro mining longshorts Retro fishing piupiu Retro crafter's dirndl Retro farmer's skirt
Retro labourer's apron (female).png
Retro plumed skirt.png
Retro mining longshorts.png
Retro fishing piupiu.png
Retro crafter's dirndl.png
Retro farmer's skirt.png
Retro spiked leggings Retro runecrafting skirt Retro buckled joggers Retro herbalist apron Retro lumberer's overskirt Retro wolf-fur sarong
Retro spiked leggings.png
Retro runecrafting skirt.png
Retro buckled joggers.png
Retro herbalist apron.png
Retro lumberer's overskirt.png
Retro wolf-fur sarong.png
Retro smith's short apron Retro slaybelt Retro platypode leggings Retro traveller's miniskirt Retro belted skirt Retro studded tassets
Retro smith's short apron.png
Retro slaybelt.png
Retro platypode leggings.png
Retro traveller's miniskirt.png
Retro belted skirt.png
Retro studded tassets.png
Retro criss-crossed a-line Retro tethered buckskins Retro archer's chaps Retro chef's fustanella Retro mage's divided skirt Retro witch's full skirt
Retro criss-crossed a-line.png
Retro tethered buckskins.png
Retro archer's chaps.png
Retro chef's fustanella.png
Retro mage's divided skirt.png
Retro witch's full skirt.png
Retro mage's ghaghra Retro gathered skirt Retro long hakama Retro baggy pantaloons Retro shortskirt and sash Retro rider's jodhpurs
Retro mage's ghaghra.png
Retro gathered skirt.png
Retro long hakama.png
Retro baggy pantaloons.png
Retro shortskirt and sash.png
Retro rider's jodhpurs.png
Retro rustic miniskirt Retro ceremonial robe skirt
Retro rustic miniskirt.png
Retro ceremonial robe skirt.png

New-style[edit | edit source]

Labourer's apron Chef's fustanella Fishing piupiu Herbalist's apron
Labourer's apron (female).png
Chef's fustanella.png
Fishing piupiu.png
Herbalist's apron.png
Platypode leggings Mage's divided skirt Witch's full skirt Mining long shorts
Platypode leggings.png
Mage's divided skirt.png
Witch's full skirt.png
Mining long shorts.png
Ceremonial robe skirt Archer's chaps Tethered buckskins Slaybelt
Ceremonial robe skirt.png
Archer's chaps.png
Tethered buckskins.png
Smith's short apron Wolf-fur sarong Spiked leggings Belted skirt
Smith's short apron.png
Wolf-fur sarong.png
Spiked leggings.png
Belted skirt.png