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Colours[edit | edit source]

Including the 199 colours added in the 25 August update, there are currently 215 colours to choose from, and almost all of them are named after something in RuneScape. Many of the new colours will show two main colours when partnered with a new clothing item.

Sq'irk red
Toadstool red
Crimson hellhound
Rusted bronze
Brown chinchompa
Bittercap orange
Quiver brown
Brutal brown
Fired clay
Kurask brown
Granite block
Grizzly brown
Chocolate dust
Worn brown
Scorpion brown
Bone marrow
Ranger's aid green
Elvarg green
Sculpted blue
Irit green
Catablepon green
Dull night
Rune green
Nettle tea
Sapphire glacialis
Zilyana blue
Wolf fur
Rock lobster blue
Rainbow fin blue
Berg grey
Trawler blue
Sparking blue
Steaming geyser
Enchanted bluecloth
Void purple
Zarosian purple
Barrows cerise
Dwarven rock
Tempered bluestone
Clockwork metal
Black salamander
Cursed blackcloth
Blackguard brown
Gargoyle grey
Dagannoth grey
Surok blue
Swamp moss
Bright blue rune
Tanglefoot green
Bloodveld pink
Bork green
Ruby tips
Lacquer brown
Blood moon
Tumeken brown
Copper longtail
Goutweed brown
Composite brown
Elite black
Bloodworm brown
Sooted brown
Unrefined iron
Roguish blue
Limpwurt brown
Zanaris green
Guildsman brown
Dagannoth green
Cadantine green
Tropical green
Woodland horizon
Robin's green
Spirit tree green
Aquanite green
Sea salt
Saradomin blue
Icyene mist
Dwellberry blue
Harpie swarm blue
Mudskipper blue
Coarse onyx
Stingray blue
Balfrug blue
Otherwordly blue
Law blue
Brine sabre purple
Pizzazz purple
Portal purple
Yak hair
Gorak grey
Polished onyx
Limestone kiln
Night stalker
Black knight
Drorkar's blacksmoke
Battered bronze
Pale cream dwogre
Ochre blamish
Forest canopy
Phoenix quill
Entrana firebird
Acheron purple
Red demon wing
Scarlet hellhound
Barbarian brown
Bronze limbs
Glowing furnace
Dark void
Slaglith brown
Thief's green
Penance brown
Ripening cob
Mossy giant
Senntisten brown
Terrorbird green
Evil turnip
Crushed acorn
Snake weed green
Spirit weed green
Petrified wood
Poison green
Lunar Sea blue
Talon blue
Runeplate blue
Roc feather blue
Novite blue
Orrery blue
Kyatt grey
Sunblessed grey
Corroded rune blue
Water surge
Lunar shade blue
Saradomin blue breeze
Chaotic purple
Infinity pink
Essence purple
Grey glass
Death wing black
Ageworn anvil
Oubliette black
Spun string
Coal black
Shadow assassin
Heated grey mithril
Abyssal black
Swamp tar
Impish scarlet
Purple chaos tendril
Zamorakian smoke
Guthix tears
Cerulean purple
Candle flame
Brown kebbit bolt
Arterial red
Grilled kebbit brown
Uzerian orange
Brown longtail
Red scar
Basilisk brown
Rex brown
Monastery brown
Platypus brown
Earth impling
Ugthanki brown
Chopped barley
Iorwerth's green
Cooking apple
Snapdragon green
Kurask green
Elven carapace
Dark moss
Torcher green
Moonlight mead
Jade vine green
Harpie blue
Mind bomb blue
Manta blue
Kalphitic blue
Consecrated grey
Stormbringer blue
Warped blue
Twilight Dagon'hai
Blue charm
Firebrand purple
Blood of Nechryael
Bandit blue
Zenevivia greystone
Banshee grey
Tanned froghide
Basic stone
Ferret grey
Willow pyreship
Highwayman black
Mourning black
Overload black
Blue dragonscale
Cave slime
Tarnished iron
Watchtower sapphire
Phasmatys green