The price of betrayal

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The price of betrayal is a book obtained while training Dungeoneering as a reward for completing a dungeon which appears by the exit door after the Unholy cursebearer is killed. Once the book has been obtained once it is impossible to obtain it again. However, it can still be read by talking to Dungeoneering tutor (using a Ring of kinship in past) to view the Dungeon Journal along with all other texts obtained in Daemonheim. It is the sixth Miscellaneous journal.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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To all who read: beware. This is the cost of defying our Master's will. Give yourself to the Master, or he will take everything that makes you human, and, in unliving servitude, you shall spend the rest of time taking the lives of others to slow your decay to nothingness. If you refuse to work in life, you will work forever in undeath.

Hail Bilrach!

Hail Zamorak!