The White Hole

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Thordur's desk in the endless white expanse.

The White Hole is a location visited in the Gower Quest. The player holds a conversation here with Thordur before continuing to Behind the Scenes.

The White Hole can be revisited at any time after the quest by using the Scan option of the Gower Quest disk of returning while stood in a bank area, or at the original entry point in the south-west of the Dwarven Mine (near Boot). Scanning with the disk again while in the White Hole returns you to the Dwarven Mine, regardless of where you entered from. Logging out in the White Hole returns you to where you entered from. Other teleportation methods cannot be used in the white hole.

Talking with Thordur during and after the quest gives the option to teleport on to Behind the Scenes.

With the bloom option turned on in Graphics settings, the area is very washed-out, where the whiteness bleeds into all other colours. With bloom off, this area is a simple white/grey screen, similar to the green/blue screens available in a player-owned house.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The desk Thordur sits at in the White Hole uses the same model as Captain Dulcin's desk in the Black Knights' Fortress (searching it is a part of The Death of Chivalry quest). This is referenced by the desk, as its name is Thordur's desk (not Dulcin's) with the examine An elegant desk that definitely does not belong to a Black Knight captain.