The Untouchable

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The Untouchable is one of the boss monsters fought in the quest Dream Mentor.

This monster has extremely high Defence, but low life points. It has high strength for its level too, but low attack and a slow attack speed.

It is recommended that players use Magic as this monster is extremely weak to it. Furthermore, if players are using the lectern as a safespot, it is worth noting that immediately after The Everlasting dies players should run out of the safespot, and run back when the Untouchable spawns. This because the Untouchable upon spawning will neglect the safespot and attack the player. The player would be unable to pass through it and thus will have to receive unavoidable and unnecessary damage.

If the player isn't using Magic, Crush weapons will work very well too. Full Guthan's Set is recommended as it can heal the player as well.

After players kill The Inadequacy (first form), it transforms into The Everlasting (second form). Then, it transforms into this monster, The Untouchable (third form). After this monster is killed, it transforms into a level 88 The Illusive (fourth form).

Note: Players must restart if they choose to leave during the middle of the fight. If they decide to return after leaving early, they must start over from The Inadequacy.

The Untouchable can be fought as a class B boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Dream Mentor.

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  • ninja 22 February 2016 (Update):
    • The Untouchable in Dream Mentor now has 15,000 lifepoints (up from 3,500) and a max hit of 864 (up from 280).