The Times of Lathas

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The Times of Lathas is a book found in Jorral's bookcase inside the Outpost north of West Ardougne after finishing the Making History quest. The book cannot be taken from the bookcase. While the book can be interacted with, its contents are only referred to rather than being available to read. The book contains information about the kings from the family of Ardignas and their line of succession.

The book states that here have been five kings since the Ardignas family came into power 68 years ago, and that the current king is King Lathas. This information puts the creation of the book between the years 168 and 169 of the Fifth Age. The book has not been updated as of the Ardougne Revolution on the first year of the Sixth Age, after which King Thoros became the sixth king of Kandarin from the Ardignas family. The book's author is unknown.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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  • You pick up a new looking book: 'The Times of Lathas'. You skim over the heavy book. It talks about the heritage of the line of kings who carry the name Ardignas. They only came into power 68 years ago, but in which time there have been five kings, the current being King Lathas.

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