The Start of Something New

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The Start of Something New is an achievement which requires the player to obtain all unique drops from monsters in the Fremennik Province area. Completing this achievement grants the title The End of All Things.

Items Required[edit | edit source]

Light mystic hat.png Light mystic hat (1/512)[n 1]Light mystic robe top.png Light mystic robe top (1/512)Light mystic robe bottom.png Light mystic robe bottom (1/512)Light mystic gloves.png Light mystic gloves (1/512)[n 1]
Light mystic boots.png Light mystic boots (1/512)Basilisk boots.png Basilisk boots (1/512)Kurask boots.png Kurask boots (2/128)Turoth boots.png Turoth boots (1/512)
Amulet of ranging.png Amulet of ranging (1/512)[n 1]Leaf-bladed sword.png Leaf-bladed sword (1/128)[n 1]Off-hand leaf-bladed sword.png Off-hand leaf-bladed sword (1/128)[n 1]Brine sabre.png Brine sabre (1/512)
Circular hide.png Circular hide (2/128)Flattened hide.png Flattened hide (2/128)Stretched hide.png Stretched hide (2/128)Spined boots.png Spined boots (20/256)
Spined gloves.png Spined gloves (20/256)Kurask head.png Kurask head (1/3000)Cockatrice head.png Cockatrice head (1/1000)Basilisk head.png Basilisk head (1/2000)
Staff of light.png Staff of light (1/512)Raptor key part 4.png Raptor key part 4 (1/256)Mammoth tusk.png Mammoth tusk (Always)
  1. ^ a b c d e This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.