The Scythe

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The Scythe region — Falling Blossom and Crescent Island are visible in the lower-right corner

The Scythe is a region within the Wushanko Isles accessible by the Player owned ports minigame, found east of The Hook. It is the fourth region opened up by the player advancing through the minigame. The Scythe is a large island chain covered in cherry trees. The many soothsayers and seasingers of the area often provoke their khans to wage war upon each other; this and the preponderance of sea monsters make the Scythe dangerous to traverse. The islands of the Scythe are:

From what the barmaid tells the player, there are a number of Purists in this region that belittle and insult those affected by the affliction that gives humans parts of normally-fish anatomy; these afflicted are commonly known as sea orphans. There are also a number of strange creatures here, not found elsewhere, such as Terracotta nymphs, flying turtles, mountain giants, cave giants, river giants, sea bears, and foul-stinged rays.

  • Ren Bo - Swift currents, strong winds and a remarkably stable microclimate make the average temperature of this island lower than its neighbours. The Enchanted Ivory Forests are found here. The Missionary discovered a Purist group's headquarters here.
  • Haranu - The island of Haranu is awash with cherry forests. The island was once home to occultists before they were rounded up and executed by the Scythe's khans; a renegaded group returned to the island only to be outed by the Convict.
  • The Islands that Reflect the Moon - This is an area renowned for its hospitality and hot springs. Beyond the odd cave giant, the island chain is a paradise. Wu was killed here by the Assassin.
  • Aloft Dagger - This large island is the home of the soothsayers, where they are educated before they practice their arts elsewhere.
  • Jade Straits - This is a narrow pass that has been the scene of many battles. It is now used by jade traders. Here the Whaler tried to set a blockade against Shuma.
  • Winds' Home - The prevailing winds around this island change daily, some say on the whim of the sea witches who live here.
  • The Island of Clear Eyes - An island mentioned in whispers as a place where the mind is made sharper, the senses clearer and meditation more effective.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

  • In A Ritual the player sends a ship help a wounded seasinger perform a Chorus of Life to keep ripper demons at bay.
  • In Bounty Hunter player sends a ship to claim a bounty on a murderer wanted in the west. The player may bring him to Port Sarim to claim the bounty.
  • In To the Rescue the player sends a ship to either intercede in a fight between a pack of terracotta nymphs and an angry cherrywood golem, or a intercede in a fight between a group of soothsayers and a band of attacking seasingers.
  • In For the Good of All the player sends a ship to either attack a fort belonging to a group of exiled seasingers that has recently become vulnerable, or attack a fort belonging to a foul necromancer that has recently become vulnerable. An attack on both could make the area around the Scythe safer for all.

Allies and enemies of the portmaster[edit | edit source]

  • Purists, are genocidal humans that the Portmaster regularly works against.
  • Ren Bo Sea Orphan, allied during First Contact, this Sea Orphan regularly provides information on Purist Movements in the area.
  • Aloft Dagger Soothsayers, regularly attack and torture Sirens native to the island. The Portmaster frequently sends raids at the witches.
  • Aloft Dagger Sirens, perpetually weakened and attacked by the Soothsayers, the Portmaster brings aid to their villages whenever possible.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The top right of The Scythe map region resembles the real world country New Zealand flipped almost 180 degrees around. The northern two Islands that Reflect the Moon correspond to New Zealand's North Island, Haranu corresponds to New Zealand's South Island, and the southern of the Islands that Reflect the Moon most likely to Great Barrier Island.