The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.1 - Introduction (March 2020)

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The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.1 - Introduction was a livestream that was broadcast on 10 March 2020.

The stream introduced the Archaeology skill.

Description[edit | edit source]

⛏️ Mattocks at the ready, the expedition to Archaeology opens March 30th!

For the three upcoming weeks until the release of what’s without a doubt the biggest RuneScape update ever, we will take you on the Road to Archaeology. And on this first episode, we dig into Excavating, Restoring, Leveling, Rewards and Qualifications.

1:48​ - Intro
7:25​ - Excavation
23:30​ - Restoration
36:16​ - 120 Skillcape, skills tab & skill guide
39:49​ - Archaeology Shop
44:34​ - Leveling
49:57​ - Qualifications
55:30​ - New Achievements & Requirements

Want to know more about Archaeology?
▶️ Core mechanics:​
▶️ Dig Sites & Lore (Kharid-et & Infernal Source):​
▶️ Dig Sites & Lore (Stormguard Citadel, Everlight, Warforge):​
▶️ Rewards:​


💬 Got questions? Join us next Tuesday, March 17th (17:00​ Game Time) on Twitch for our weekly live stream.