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The title the Ravensworn is unlocked by spotting 13 ravens in Prifddinas. Ravens appear every 13 days for 24 hours, spawning at 00:00 UTC. The first raven appeared on 4 October 2014.[1] You can obtain one raven each day it spawns, meaning it requires at least 156 days to spot all 13 and receive the title.

The last raven spawned 4 days ago on 3 August 2022. The next raven will spawn on 16 August 2022 in 9 days. (wrong?)

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

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When the title is unlocked the following can be experienced while having the title active:

Translations[edit | edit source]

This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German [Name] von den Raben
French [Name] le Seigneur des corbeaux / [Name] la Dame des corbeaux
Portuguese [Name] o Senhor dos Corvos / [Name] a Senhora dos Corvos

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The earliest date on which players could legitimately obtain the title was 9 March 2015.
  • The method of unlocking the title is themed around the number 13: the ravens spawn every 13 days, 13 of them need to be spotted, and the Ravensworn is 13 letters long. Ravens initially only appeared for 13 hours, but was later changed to 23 hours, and again to 24 hours.
  • Upon release, ravens were able to be spotted multiple times in a quick succession, allowing players to unlock the title prematurely. This was later patched, and players who abused the bug had their progress towards the title reset.[2] Players who did have their title progress reset were presented with the following message: Your Ravensworn title has been removed. You will need to find the right number of ravens to unlock it.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Jagex. Mod Raven's Twitter account. 4 October 2014. (Archived from the original on 4 October 2014.) Mod Raven: "I will look into getting the title reset for those who used the bug."