The Priestess

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The Priestess is a book found in Grand Library of Menaphos. It can be obtained from the first bookcase west of the stairs, going to the top floor, on the southern wall on the second level.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The Priestess.

I see her everywhere. Looking out from a window. Stretching on a sun-baked roof. Slinking along the top of a wall. Hackles raised, sparring with another. And always she glances at me and runs. I tried to follow her once, chasing across rooftops, through alleys between buildings, but with every glimpse she was further away. I turned back and saw an old woman. 'The Priestess can never be tamed,' she said, 'and yet she visits among us. Accept her gift when she chooses to share it, and do not make familiarity her cage.'

I see her everywhere. Filling a pot at the well. Selling fruit at the market. Crying beside a tomb. Gazing at the stars. It is enough for her to see me, and then I leave. She tried to follow me once, so I led her across the city to one wiser. But one day she will understand, and her daughters after her. And so the mistress who betrayed us is diminished.

I see her everywhere, and my heart is glad.

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