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The One Above All can be obtained from excavating the xolo mine, xolo remains and Saurthen debris excavation hotspots at the Orthen Dig Site. This page is required to complete I Am Become Death mystery.

In the text, Kerapac mentions that several of the more dangerous powers were removed from Raksha. In a later journal, Kerapac indicates that these removed powers were grafted into three other rexes. These three would become the Rex Matriarchs.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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When first I heard tale of this Raksha, I had little interest. This world is teeming with wildlife, and the various lizards hold little interest for me. Yet, as a member of the Kindra it was expected of me to learn of the situation, such that we could decide what to do with the thing. Upon closer investigation, however, my interest was piqued. My vote was to transport the beast here so that it could be more easily studied while still living. The Nodon architects have constructed a pen for it that should prove inescapable; the death of Varanus ensured we did not underestimate this creature's abilities. It is no ordinary dinosaur.

The council paid a visit to its new home once it had arrived and been sufficiently restrained. Upon seeing it for the first time, I became obsessed by it. This was no mere animal. I could already see in its eyes that it was searching for a weakness in the design of its cell, and I caught glimpses of some of its thoughts - they were quite, shall we say, colourful. Mostly red...

I did not hesitate in giving the recommendation to install multiple more safeguards. This entity cannot run loose in our new city. Installation of a large-scale hibernation system is now underway, so that we can keep it in a state of forced hibernation, but I immediately order that we perform some surgical removals of certain of its traits - its venom sacs to begin with, but it also appears to have abilities to generate electrical charges, which it employs as some form of active camouflage, and cold breath, the application of which I am uncertain.

Not only will removal of these abilities reduce risk in the event of it escaping, they will also be of value for my research. This I will handle personally, rather than leave to that Aughra female - as competent as she is at dissecting dinosaurs, this is council business.

-Kerapac, Dactyl scientist, Kindra fledgling

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