The Mighty Zoltan

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The Mighty Zoltan is a fortune booth east of the main stage, and west of the ticket and token stall in Lumbridge Crater under the Spring Fayre.

It can be used to obtain a mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan. This also rewards a small amount of experience in Divination (69.9 at level 99, or 76.8 during a Happy Hour). One free inventory slot is required to play on this machine. It takes roughly 21 seconds to obtain a mis-fortune by right-clicking the machine and to dispose of it. The machine can also be talked to to get a mis-fortune, but this is much slower due to the extra dialogue.

The Mighty Zoltan's dialogue is voiced.

During a Happy Hour, around 171 mis-fortunes can be obtained.

The following table lists hourly experience rates if the machine is operated at maximum efficiency at level 99.

Experience per hour Happy Hour
11,952.9 13,132.8

It is possible to get duplicates of the same mis-fortune.

There is a confirmation prompt about gaining experience.

It hides one of the festive eggs and must be searched via a right-click option.

2017[edit | edit source]

Using the machine cost ten fayre attraction tokens, and there was about 42% chance to yield six fayre prize tickets, or one during a Happy Hour.

During a Happy Hour it was possible to obtain about 72 tickets.

Getting a ticket rewarded 139.8 experience at level 99, or 153.7 during a Happy Hour.

The confirmation prompt also warned about spending tokens.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mighty Zoltan is based on the Mighty Zoltar machine from the 1988 American comedy film Big.
  • It was disclosed on the 6 March 2018 Runescape Twitch stream that Zoltan was based on a previous employee at Jagex.
  • The bottom of Zoltan's window reads: The Amazing ZOLTAN says: "Abandon all hope"