Strategies for The Magister

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This article is a strategy guide for The Magister.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

You need 115+ Slayer (boostable) to enter the boss arena.
Quest points.png
You need to complete the quest Itchlarin's Little Helper up to the point where you can enter Sophanem to gain access to this boss.
Key to the Crossing detail.png
You need a Key to the Crossing to enter the boss arena. One key is consumed every encounter with the boss.
Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ Defence.
At least 95 Prayer and ancient curses are highly recommended to improve your damage.
Overload detail.png
Use the best combat potions that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. Overloads are recommended at level 96 Herblore.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage, you can use soul split during the fight instead of protection prayers.
Equipment recommendations
Zero weakness icon.png
This boss has no particular weakness, so you can use any combat style during this fight.
Use tier 90 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Optional boosts
Use a damage-boosting familiar to increase your damage: Ripper demon, Kal'gerion demon, Blood reaver, or Steel titan.
Slayer helmet immune.png
This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
Cinderbane gloves detail.png
This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.
Hexhunter bow detail.png
The hexhunter bow deals +12.5% ability damage and has a flat +10% hitchance when used against this boss.

Styles[edit | edit source]

The Magister is equally weak to all combat styles, although magic, and to a lesser extent, ranged, are preferred as they allow the player to react quicker to his attacks and to avoid the stun attack, although melee provides the fastest kill times. While he counts towards a soul devourer task, the Slayer helmet does not provide any accuracy or damage bonuses. However, Tuska's Wrath still works normally, dealing up to 15,000 damage. The Magister can be both stunned and poisoned, so bringing dreadnips and weapon poison can be very helpful in speeding up kills and reducing the frequency of his attacks.

  • Magic - Mages have access to Vulnerability (which means players can deal more damage, as it stacks with the corruption feature) and the Guthix staff, both of which are very useful in obtaining fast kill times at the boss.
  • Ranged - Ranged provides the best resistance against Magic attacks, which is what the boss primarily uses in the fight. Unforunately, they have no method in which his defence can be lowered, as the fight ends too quickly for black stone arrows to be effective.
  • Melee - Halberd-type weapons are suggested as it will avoid the Magister's Shadow Dash attack, where he will stun the player if they're next to him rather than spinning towards their position. Melee users also have access to Quake, which is extremely useful at this boss.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Magister is a Slayer boss found in the depths of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Corruption works as normal during the fight, as the boss area is still part of the dungeon; however, the maximum amount is doubled to 50%. This only applies during the fight and it is automatically reset back to 25% when the Magister is defeated. Fighting him requires 115 Slayer (109 with a wilder pie) and a key to the crossing.

It is also important to note that the Magister has a very high Defence level - a Defence level of 90, which is behind Nex: Angel of Death and the Liberation of Mazcab raid bosses; Nex and Yakamaru have level 99 Defence, while Beastmaster Durzag has level 95 Defence. Fortunately, despite this increased Defence level, the Magister's affinities are higher, with 55 affinity towards all combat styles, and the fact that he is is not immune to leeching effects, although 100% accuracy is not maintained without having a nihil, elder overload, tier 99 prayers and an affinity stack.

The Magister possesses 200,000 health, which is divided into four "phases", in intervals of 50,000 health. The Magister automatically phases upon reaching the required life points even if stunned. Like the Legiones, he has a damage cap during phase transitions. However, players can "hard hit" past these thresholds; due to damage caps, the hit will be restricted to whatever cap is in place for them, even if it hits higher than that. In those cases, the Magister will simply transition to the next phase despite not having reached the required amount of health.

Unlike most high-level bosses, he is not immune to stuns, although he will occasionally use Freedom to break free of any stuns or binds. Despite this, players should attempt to stun him as much as possible as well as deploying dreadnips to reduce the number of auto-attacks and special attacks he use in order to minimise damage received from him.

Soul Split should be the primary overhead prayer, with the occasional flick of Deflect Magic and Deflect Missiles for his attacks.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Magister primarily attacks with magic auto-attacks using a twirling animation.

The Magister will occasionally yell Restore me!, causing the Soul Obelisk to heal him from anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 life points. This ability is only used when he has less than 150,000 life points.

Throughout the fight, the Magister will occasionally use Siphon and Resonance at random. Siphon drains 10% of the player's adrenaline and Resonance causes the next successful hit on him to heal him rather than deal him damage.

After every three auto-attacks he randomly uses one of the following special attacks. The auto-attack counter resets after The Magister reaches 150,000, 100,000, and 50,000 life points.

The Magister slam his staff on the ground, causing cracks to appear in it, then charges up a ball of red lightning and launches it at the player, dealing high ranged damage.

Game message: Dodge this! The Magister throws an explosive vial onto a random tile. After a random time between 2.4 to 4.8 seconds the bomb explodes and damages anything in a 5x5 radius for 4,000 hard typeless damage (2,000 to familiars). Players should watch when he tosses the vial, as the vial easily blends into the ground, and the blue bar may not appear at times. If no blue bar appears when the vial is on the ground, either your familiar is covering it or it landed underneath him. If the Magister is defeated whilst a vial is on the ground, the vial will still explode and damage the player if they are nearby. Players have the option of kicking the vial away and if the player is facing the Magister, then the vial explodes and only damages him. It is generally not worth the time to align in front of him to kick the vial. If it lands in an area where it cannot be kicked back, run a few squares away from the vial to avoid taking damage. If it is near him (within two spaces), it does not need to be kicked, as it will damage him when it explodes.

If the player is next to The Magister he will yell Stand still!; bashing the player and dealing moderately heavy melee damage which stuns and binds them for 3 seconds, before darting away from them. If the player is not next to The Magister he will instead yell You dare fight me?, barging towards the player's position and dealing the same amount of melee damage. If outside of melee range simply run north at least two squares from him to avoid the attack (align your compass so you do not run in the wrong direction). It is possible to avoid by running in other directions, but requires more distance, and failure to do so will result in overhead protection prayers/curses being disabled along with taking damage, which can be problematic on high corruption with imperial akhs nearby. The attack can also be reduced with Protect/Deflect Melee, but it must be active before he spins towards the player or he will disable them briefly. You can also choose to use resonance on this attack to heal if your lifepoints are low.

Message: Those who fall shall rise again! The Magister summons two imperial akhs to attack the player. These can be any combination of imperial mage akhs, imperial ranger akhs, and/or imperial warrior akhs. These imperial akhs have 10,000 life points, only use auto-attacks and increase corruption by 2% upon being killed. No Slayer level or feather of Ma'at is required to kill them. These akhs do not count towards a soul devourer task, so they can be killed without decreasing the Slayer target count. The Magister rarely uses this attack. It is recommended to kill them if he has more than 30,000 life points as they can cause considerable damage if left unchecked. If one of them spawns as a mage, then it should be left alive as it will prevent him from calling in another set.

Message: Your sacrifice allows me to live! The Magister uses an Asphyxiate-like animation, dealing three hits of moderate magic damage. The damage dealt can be reduced; however, he will recover life points equal to the amount of damage that would have been dealt unmodified (ignoring berserker auras, prayers and defensive abilities). There are two ways to cancel the attack; either run far enough that the next hit of this attack cannot register, or successfully hit him with a melee threshold ability. A game message appears when one of the two is accomplished (running causes "You run away from the Magister's life draining attack." and interrupting causes "You interrupt the Magister's life draining attack.")

Phases[edit | edit source]

The Magister appears once the key to the crossing has been used on the Soul Obelisk. As soon as he appears apply Vulnerability. Otherwise fight him as normal. There's not much threat to this phase - just avoid his special attacks when he uses them.

The Magister will say Your soul - it contains such power! I must have it! as soon as the phase starts. He activates the soul obelisk which gradually drains the player's Constitution level in set intervals. This causes the soul drained status to be applied to the player: their Constitution level is decreased in stacks of 3 (identified as Soul drained (self status).png). This lowers the amount of life points the player can have, and the amount that food will heal; Saradomin brews are unaffected by this debuff. To restore these levels, either attack the obelisk (this can also restore a slight amount of life points) or simply drink some super restore. Super restores remove seven of these stacks at a time. It is highly recommended to remove the stacks via super restores, as attacking the obelisk to restore life points is time consuming and allows the Magister to continually damage the player without any repercussions. Super restores should only be drunk if needed to restore prayer, or if desiring to recover the greatest amount from the food being eaten. This obelisk has an infinite amount of life points, so it cannot be destroyed - it is simply disabled when the Magister is defeated. The Magister can start using his Restore me! mechanic to heal himself between 6,000 to 10,000 life points from this phase onwards. Continue avoiding his attacks and lower his life points to 100,000, after which the next phase begins.

The Magister will start the phase by saying Let us see how you fare against corruption., and calls forth a corrupted soul obelisk on the southern end of the room to damage the player's soul. Unlike the normal obelisk which drains the player's Constitution level, this one damages the player for 600 damage at set intervals and adding corruption stacks by 4%. This obelisk has 25,000 life points. Ignore the obelisk, as the corruption stacks it adds to the player increases the player's damage output significantly and the increased damage taken is generally mitigated with Soul Split flicking. Continue avoiding his attacks and lower his life points to 50,000, where the final phase begins.

The Magister goes berserk, yelling You will not defeat me!, increasing his damage output while losing some defence. Kill him off quickly before he can deal too much damage to you. As with all the other phases, continue avoiding his attacks until he dies. Upon his death, everything else dies with him - the corrupted soul obelisk returns to the ground, the plain soul obelisk becomes inactive, any minions that were with him will die, and if the corruption stack was over 25%, it is reset back to 25%. If he throws out a bomb before he dies, the bomb will still explode and damage the player and their familiar if they stand too close to it, so simply move away from it. Heal up before beginning another kill, as while all soul drain stacks are removed, the player's life points will remain the same.