The Magenta Accordion

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The Magenta Accordion is a mining and engineering company based in and around Keldagrim, the capital city of the Dwarven Realm. The company's visible presence within the city is very minor, and so it is assumed that the company operates largely in private mines hidden outside the city, possibly along the River Kelda.

The Magenta Accordion, unlike most dwarven companies named in-game, is relatively small in size and is not a part of the eight-company Mining Consortium. It is only one of perhaps hundreds of minor dwarven industries operating within the city's expansive mining network, which is largely inaccessible to humans and perhaps the largest collective network in the world.

A Keldagrim resident, known only as a Drunken Dwarf, mentions during Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf that he worked for the company at a young age. He left it in pursuit of a more nomadic lifestyle after his brother or cousin, also known as Drunken Dwarf, took up adventuring. Although his departure was many years ago, before Keldagrim's existence was even known of by humans, he suggests that the company still exists.