The Home of Daemons

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The Home of Daemons is an achievement that requires the player to beat every boss in Daemonheim. The bosses do not need to be soloed.

Bosses Optimal Floors[1]
Gluttonous behemoth 1-2
Astea Frostweb
Icy Bones
Luminescent icefiend 3-5
Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz 6-8
To'Kash the Bloodchiller 9-11
Skeletal Horde/Divine skinweaver 12-14
Hobgoblin Geomancer
Bulwark beast
Unholy cursebearer 15-17
Rammernaut 18-19
Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter
Lexicus Runewright 20-22
Sagittare 23-26
Night-gazer Khighorahk 26-29
Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan 33-35
Bal'lak the Pummeller
Skeletal trio 36-38
Runebound behemoth
Necrolord 39-41
Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk 42-44
Yk'Lagor the Thunderous 45-47
Blink 48-50
Warped Gulega
Hope devourer 51-53
World-gorger Shukarhazh 54-56
Kal'Ger the Warmonger 57-60

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The achievement name is a reference to Daemonheim; heim is the Norwegian word for home.
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