The History of the Outpost

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The History of the Outpost is a book that can be found in the bookcase at the Outpost after completion of Making History. It can not be removed from the bookcase.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The History of the Outpost.

Approximately 140 years after the establishment of the outpost, a great traveller, known only as Player unravelled the history of the outpost.

It transpires that the outpost was first established to protect the nearby city of Ardougne from threats, spotting them before they had the chance to reach the city. There followed a long period without war during which the outpost was abandoned as a pointless project. Various people visited the outpost for various reasons, but none left any particular mark on history. The first and most important mark wasn't until 65 years after the establishment of the outpost, when a group of Zamorak followers moved in.

The Zamorakians' only purpose seemed to be the disruption of the nearby city of Ardougne, over the years now known as the 'The Dreaded Years of Tragedy'.

The leader of the Zamorak followers had once had a great friend. However, when they were still young they had both fallen apart in a disagreement over religion. One decided that Saradomin was the god for him, and the other chose Zamorak. It just so happened that when the City of Ardougne called for help to rid them of these Zamorakians, that the incoming force were Saradominists led by the other ex-friend. This in-turn led to a battle simply known as 'The Great Battle', perhaps because little was known about its activity with it being a small battle in terms of numbers, (although not in power, we suspect).

The battle produced two survivors - the two ex-friends, both being the most powerful mages. It is said that they settled their differences on the grounds of the friendship they had lost, as well as the loss of life and time.

Settling for the neutral god Guthix, the two went about their ways to spread equality among the people. One of the friends became king, to listen to people's views and ensure a fair and equal life for everyone, whilst the other friend founded the market place, allowing people to trade their skills and wares under equal rights and opportunities.